How To Make Kitchen Fruit Decorations

Fruits are one of the most popular decorations for kitchens. These fruit decorations add something homey to the basic functions of the kitchen – to feed the household. Instead of purchasing another wax fruit bowl, create your own fruit decorations through these steps.

Painting. The basic decorations that you can undertake are paintings. There are plenty of items in the kitchen that can be painted with small fruits. Even better, the use of paintings in the kitchen will give make the design look deliberate and well planned. Start painting fruit decoration details into the kitchen by removing the light switches. Add the fruit design and then spray on with a sealant or paint a layer of lacquer to protect the painting. Add fruit designs on the canisters, the cabinets, and the knobs in the kitchen as well.

Tiles. For home renovations, another way to create fruit decorations in your kitchen is by using tiles that have fruit patterns in them. You can purchase these in tile shops, or you can create your own using a ceramic painting kit. Make sure, however, that these hand crafted tile pieces are far from the busy sections of the sink where it will get plenty of splatters. The detergent used to clean the kitchen can erase the designs after a few months if the tiles are constantly exposed to chemicals.

Paper mache. As an alternative to the usual wax fruit bowl, you can create paper mache fruits. Shred paper and add in flour and water to create a type of paste that you can use to mold basic fruit shapes. Leave the fruit pieces outdoors for a couple of days to dry out in the sun, before painting in the details on the surface of the fruit models. Once the paint has dried out, the next step is for you to add in a sealant to keep the paint from scraping off. Arrange the fruits in a bowl and place on the kitchen table as a centerpiece.

Clay sculptures. Another alternative to the wax fruit bowl are clay sculptures that you can make yourself. Take some clay and use this to create fruit models. Once the models are finished, add a ball chain on the models and bake the clay according to the packaging instructions. Once fully baked, the models can be hung on the ceiling using the ball chain. You can also use wires to create interconnected fruit molds that can be hung on the ceiling using three or four ball chains attached to the top of the fruit molds.

Stencils and stamps. For a quick kitchen make over, you can purchase stamps that come in a variety of fruit shapes. Use various inks that resemble the actual color of the fruits and use the stamps and stencils to decorate cabinets, drawers, and even the kitchen door. Remember to spray on some sealant afterwards to protect the paint.

Decorating your kitchen with fruit designs can be fun and inexpensive, and need not involve the old bowl of wax fruits. Let your kids join in the decoration process to create a kitchen that the entire family will enjoy.


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