How To Make Lined Valances

For a quick window makeover, lined valances are the easy do-it-yourself project that will quickly lend a professional air to your home. Apart from adding the perfect finishing touches for your home, lined valances are also very functional home pieces that will help to minimize excess light from filtering into your home, especially for rooms that are located in front of direct sunlight.

Measure. Take the length of the curtain rod and double the length. The fabric that you will use for the valances should be this long and should have a height of at least 15 inches.

Pin. Next, take the lining piece and arrange it on a table facing down on the valance piece. The valance piece should be facing up, right in front of the valance lining fabric. Take the short ends of the fabric for the valance and mark these starting from the top to the bottom. Use a tailor’s chalk for this. The markings should be an inch and a half long starting from the top edge, with one and a half inch intervals.

Sew. Use these markings to help you sew the valance into place. Stitch one part of the window valance onto the next mark, with a seam allowance of half an inch. Skip the succeeding mark, and then continue sewing the rest of the valance using this pattern until you reach the end of the marking.  The top of the window valance should be left unstitched.

Trim. Trim the lower corners of the valance and then fold the edges of the valance to the other side. The fold should be at least half an inch in length. Press these together.

Turn. Next, turn the window valance inside out, and then use pins to secure the folded edges together. Stitch the top of the window valance together. Do this as close to the edge as you can. A sewing machine will help you to create the finest stitch on the top edge of the valance.

Line. Create a line using tailor’s chalk and a yardstick, following the lining of the curtain valance and the rod pocket below.  Create another line on top of the rod pocket and then stitch the two lines to create a long pocket. Connect the edges of the seam for the curtain valance. Attach the curtain rod into place.

Hang. With the curtain rod inserted into the pocket, take the valance and then hang it into the curtain brackets in the wall. Arrange the valance into place using your hands. If you want a valance that is firm and stiff, you can pre-wash the fabric using a solution of warm water and diluted cornstarch. Dry and iron into place for a long-lasting and very firm curtain valance.

A window valance will help to spruce up your room quickly and easily. Use muted fabrics to create a minimalist tone for your room, or use colorful fabrics with plenty of prints and patterns for a room that stands out.


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