How To Make Look-Alike Designer Lamps

Look-alike designer lamps are not really that hard to come by if you already know how to make one for your office or home. You can learn the basics of creating any number of cool items for your office or home with online arts classes, and you can sign up for free information about enrolling in a great online art university.

For one thing, many people get drawn to this because of the symmetry that the designer lamps are able to convey in a particular room or space. It's nice to have one lamp, but to have two is double the fun and the illumination!

You can make fan lamps, collection lamps, bathroom lamps or painted lamps with a designer touch and look-alike quality in them if you are able to determine first the basics of creating lamps. Here are some of the things that you need to do so that you can create a very nice set of look-alike designer lamps for your home or office:

  1. Wiring and switching mechanism - You need to have a bit of electronics knowledge for this one. The very first thing you need to consider is the wiring mechanism and switches that you will use for your lamp. If you are planning to do twin lamps, it is best to buy the raw materials and create them at the same time. This way, you will be able to closely recreate your initial design on the other lamp. Plan how you will place the wiring in such a way that it is not too obtrusive to the design but safely attached.
  2. Decide on a base to use - Some of the popular household items for making lamps include bottles and other recyclable items. You will need a stable base and a place where you can hold the lamp and shade. If you are going to use a bottle, for example, you will need a circular shaped lamp with a coaster frame to keep it from breaking.
  3. Create a template- This will ensure that the two lamps will have, more or less, identical features. If you are going to make cutouts to serve as a design for your lamp, you may find some benefit in creating a template first so that you will be able to cut out the exact same shape of the different parts of your lamp to make them identical. This template can be done in any way, whether a mold or something that will designate the exact sizes of the objects in your lamps.
  4. Shade your lamps - Find some nice, semi-transparent covering for the lamp. Japanese-style is famous for places where you can keep them dry, since you will only be using paper as your main shade. But if you want something more long-lasting, you can check a stronger fabric that you can overlay with the lamp. The shade is good in taming the excessive light coming from your bulb and gives the dim appeal that many people sought for when buying a lamp.
  5. Final touches - Get your glue gun and your other tools ready, once you are able to finalize the wiring and the shading for both lamps. Decorate the two lamps simultaneously, if you can. Create a grid or some form of plan so that you will be able to recreate the same design from one lamp to the other.

After you've completed this project, consider enrolling in some online arts classes to find out how to create other lovely items.


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