How To Make a Louver Door: Modern and Authentic Louvers

Tips for Building Your Own Louvered Closet Doors and More

Louvered door with stylish doorknobs

What are these louvered doors? They are made from a series of parallel, long, flat pieces of wood or planks designed to allow air flow.

This style originated in the middle ages and comes from the French word “l’ouvert” or open, as in open window, shutter or blind with horizontal angled pieces of wood called “slats.”  Their shutters are angled and adjustable, some admit air and light, others keep the rain out, while others keep the sun or noise out by redirecting the light and glare in a room. They were used for exterior and interior doors., and can even be used as closet doors.

Many of the old shutters are now also automated and easy to open and shut inside homes and buildings.  Some of the more modern ones are made of stylish glass and all types of vinyl. Originally they would be open and shut by pulling on a simple string mechanism.

If your home is old and historic, it probably already has these types of doors and shutters, but maybe they need to be replaced or fixed. They are also a useful and an attractive way to protect your windows, add privacy to a closet or dressing room, and can also act as a vent for both air conditioning and heating.

There are single and bi-fold doors, as well as cabinet doors. They are readily available at home centers, but you can also make your own  (whether it be interior doors, closet doors or shutters) in about 2-3 hours by following the steps below. Here's how:

  1. First measure the top width of the wood and divide in half so as to make the top track of the door. Mark the track for the screw holes.  Now you can install the top track.
  2. If your door has a bottom track, install it now.  Using a plumb bob you will be able to find the exact spot on the floor to measure for the bottom track at both ends.
  3. By placing the bottom pivot into the lower socket of the track you can install the door, and then put the top pivot into the track at the top. Since it is spring loaded, you can pull down and put it into its place.
  4. The sliding guides can be put into a top and bottom track and adjusted.

These types of doors are similar to “Plantation Shutters” which are very popular these days.  They can be used both indoors and outdoors and come in different widths, dimensions, textures and types of material, from wood to plastic to steel. A wider door will allow for greater ventilation and less privacy, since there will be a greater opening. The doors can also be stationary and movable, depending on your personal need.


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