How To Make More Use of Furniture Polish

Furniture polish is commonly used for cleaning and repelling dust from furniture. This cleaning agent is oil-based so it is best for polishing pieces of furniture, especially wood and metalwork. Aside from polishing, it can still be used for other purposes. Here are tips on how to make more use of furniture polish:

  1. Keeping your car or motorcycle shining. Furniture polish can be used to keep the chrome details of your vehicles spot free and always shining. It is easy to use. Dry the surface you want to clean and spray a fine layer of furniture polish. Rub the surface with cloth and repeat until necessary. You can use this on chrome bumpers, hubcaps, door handles, and tire rims, among others. With furniture polish, rest assured that your car or motorcycle will always look like it is good as new.
  2. Keeping your personal computer shining and dust-free. Personal computers usually need weekly cleaning and dusting. But if you use furniture polish, worry no more of such repetitive and demanding task. Once a month, spray a fine coat of furniture polish on your keyboard, printer, monitor backing, hard drive, and other computer accessories. Just hold the spray nozzle about one foot from the equipments to prevent excess build-up of furniture polish. This will help repel dust and keep your personal computer spot-free for days without much cleaning.
  3. Stop your hinges from squeaking. Squeaky doors are really annoying. But with furniture polish you can easily get rid of them. Oil-based furniture polish can last for a long time making it a long-lasting cleaner for your squeaky doors. Just spray your door with a mist of furniture polish while you move your door in and out. This will allow the polish to enter deep into the hinge.
  4. Prevent mildew and soap scum build-up in your shower or kitchen tiles. Even in your shower or kitchen tiles, you can use furniture polish. This will help reduce horrid mildew and soap scum build-up. Just spray a thin layer of furniture polish and allow it to sit for about ten minutes before buffing with a dry cloth.
  5. Look for other uses. Since furniture polish is oil-based, you can also use furniture polish for screws or lug nuts. This will not only make them dust-free, it will also prevent rapid oxidation. Just spray a fine layer of furniture polish and it is fine. Moreover, always look for other ways to maximize the use of furniture polish. This versatile cleaner can help in more ways than you can imagine.

If you think your polish is good only for the pieces of furniture in your house, well, think again. You can make use of that handy all-around house cleaner in ways you never knew before. The above ways are just some by which you can make more use of your furniture polish.


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