How To Make Mosaic Garden Stepping Stones

Beautifying your own garden with a touch of what you like will always be simple yet great if you do the mosaic garden stepping stones project. This mosaic-inspired  pathway will not only bring a harmonious-looking garden but also a very artistic one! Rather than staying with the typical all-green-garden, try to put a piece of you in the most breathable space in your home. What you need to do is just like making pancakes plus making a scrapbook. Just imagine a peculiar combination that results in a very satisfying art piece.

Start with the simple pathway. What you will prepare are the conventional materials you need when you try to do a stepping stone: just the concrete mold, quick-setting concrete, a bucket and a stirring paddle, plastic gloves, spray lubricant (WD-40) and concrete sealer. You can purchase these items at any local garden shop near you. Also, you might just want to use a newspaper or cloth to have a neat workplace. Use the newspaper or drop cloth to cover your work area.

If you’re ready to start, just follow the guide on the appropriate measurements of the quick-setting concrete and have the mixture stirred in the bucket using your stirring paddle. The moment the mixture seems fine and consistent (just like baking pancakes), that would be good as done. However, if the mixture is too watery or too runny, do not hesitate to add more concrete mix. Consequently, if the mixture is too solid or thick, then add a small amount of water. Correctly estimating the appropriate amounts would be the perfect guide for the smooth stepping stone.

To give the concrete an eye pleasing color, you can add concrete dye to the mixture. Just make sure to follow instructions for adding this ingredient. After which, you can spray the WD-40 spray lubricant to make it smoother and finer.

Pour the mixture into the mold and let it settle for 10-15 minutes. Make sure to remove the bubbles after pouring it into the mold to ensure the smoothness of the stepping stone. Sprinkle water every once in a while to the concrete mixture to have a consistent texture. Repeat each step for each stepping stone you need.

The succeeding steps are for the mosaic theme to be injected to your art piece. You can use stained glasses or other mementos you have (just like making a scrapbook) so you can have a sentimental and yet artistic stepping stone for your garden.

Gather all mementos (e.g., stained glasses, pebbles, etc.) and lay them on the surface of your stepping stone. Make sure they do not destroy the stepping stone when you embed them. The stepping stone should still be on the drying process when you embellish your materials to have them properly attached or embedded to the stepping stone, so be careful in placing these items. Apply design according to your taste.

Let the mosaic dry for at least 48 hours for best results. Turn the mold upside down and apply pressure to the edges. Then apply the concrete sealer to the stone, and voila, your garden mosaic stepping stone can now be placed in your beautiful garden to induce inspiration on your pathway along the greens.


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