How To Make Night Lights Using Wine Bottles

Bottles of wine can be very fascinating. There are different sizes and shapes that give the wine a more elegant look. In fact, some people have this hobby of collecting wine bottles because of the beauty of the bottles.

If you like wine bottles and you want to do something more with it then why not make it more functional by turning it into a night light. Night lights are of great help especially if it is really dark around your house. This can save you from many bumps and falls and could help you find a good use for your old empty wine bottles.

Making a wine bottle night light is very easy to do. Just follow these easy steps and see how your wine bottle night lights could give your house the right amount of illumination that it needs.

  • Test your old Christmas lights. This is very important to avoid any unwanted accidents from happening. Plug in the Christmas lights for about 10 to 15 minutes. After doing so, touch the bulb of the Christmas lights to see which ones are hot. Remove the bulb of the hot sockets because you wouldn’t want to use the bulb of that. This is because you’ll be putting the Christmas lights in a contained space and having hot light bulbs inside may not be a good idea.
  • Drill a hole at the bottom of the wine bottle. Be careful when drilling the hole so that it wouldn’t crack or break. Make sure that the hole that you drilled gives you enough space to slip the Christmas lights in with ease.
  • Wash and clean the bottle. After drilling a hole in the bottle, make sure that you wash and clean it thoroughly. It is best to work with a clean bottle to give it a nice look when you use it.
  • Decorate the wine bottle. You could try painting different designs on the bottle or you could put crepe paper around it to give a little more color and to give it a more eye-catching look. Use acrylic paint if you plan to paint the bottle
  • Place the Christmas lights inside. Turn the bottle upside down and let it stand on its spout. Carefully shoot the Christmas lights inside the hole that you drilled earlier. For average sized bottles, around 30 bulbs would be enough for your night light.
  • Place the wine bottle night lights in key areas in your house. Place the bottles in places where you think a little light is needed. Make sure there is a socket near that area for you to plug in your Christmas lights. Do not cover the top part of the bottle so that the heat from the lights won’t get trapped inside.

There are a lot of beautiful wine bottles out there and it is great if you could find a way to display around the house while serving a good purpose. That is why if you have a lot of old empty wine bottles in your house then make them useful and turn them into great night lights.


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