How To Make Padded Slipcovers for Dining Chairs

Great dining occasions require a lot of preparations including that of dining chairs. You might consider changing the appearance of your dining chairs to suit the occasion. A chair adorned with sash and brocade or just an inexpensive cotton-lined seat adds a new whole ambiance of freshness. The following steps to create padded slipcovers can take a few hours and a minimal budget to accomplish.

For tools and materials, you need a pair of scissors, screwdriver, measuring tape, pliers, upholstery tacks, sewing machine, seat fabric and polyester foam padding. You will find these readily available in the nearest hardware store and fabric store.

  1. Remove the old seat covers. Check if the seat covers are held together with tacks, zipper lining or screws. Care should be taken in removing them to avoid tearing the cover or scratching the chair frames. Use a screw gun to remove stubborn screws and a pair of pliers to remove tacks.
  2. Measure the dimensions. When the old seat covers have been removed, get the dimensions of the pieces. Give a meager allowance per width to be certain that new slipcovers will not be too small to fit onto the chair. Jot all your measurements in a piece of paper. Be mindful to measure each piece across vertically or horizontally and do sketches to be certain that you had covered every side and corner. Use inches in measuring and convert the same to yardage units since fabric shops utilize yards as the standard unit of measurement in their merchandise. This will help the store staff in determining the right amount of fabric you need.
  3. Shop for the right fabric and padding. The design should reflect your tastes and personality, especially the motif of the occasion or venue. The material should also be strong enough to last several years. The polyester foam padding must not be too much that will make the fabric too taut into breaking. You can consult with the store attendant to get more ideas regarding the right material and filling. Present the measuring notes to the attendant to compute for the right length of fabric you need.
  4. Transfer the measurements. When you have purchased the fabric, sketch out the measurements onto a brown wrapping paper. Cut out the paper as your pattern and pin the pattern onto fabric. Cut out as many pieces as you need for the required number of chairs.
  5. Sew the seams together. The edges of each fabric should be sewn together from the back. Using the sewing machine ascertain that the edges of fabric are pieced together according to the pattern as indicated on your sketches. The form padding must be sewn in-between the fabrics. Once the padding has been inserted into place, the fabric must be taut and not wrinkled.
  6. Slip the slipcovers. Once done, cover your chair with the new slipcovers. Be sure that the padded seat is directly in the dead center of the chair. Turn the chair upside down and locate areas where the upholstery studs should be attached. Gently stretch the covers to the point that they do not crease or pucker. Screw in or hammer the tacks. Secure all materials and test for looseness.

Enjoy your dining chairs with their new padded slipcovers.


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