How To Make Panel Curtains

Is your living room a dull place to hang out? Is the sunlight coming in filtered by some boring pieces of curtain? Despair no more! It is time to unveil your artistic talent in weaving a new atmosphere by creating your very own panel curtains. With your very own curtains, you will have the chance to choose your own designs and change curtains for any occasion. The curtains play a major role in the ambiance of a house. It is so easy that you can make your own curtain panels in an afternoon!

With the following project, you will need: fabric about two to four panels, tape measure, curtain rod, curtain hooks, thread, pins, scissors, sewing machine, iron and ironing board. You can purchase the curtain rods and hooks from the hardware store. You can hand sew your curtains if you don’t have a sewing machine.

  1. Get the measurement. Measure the dimension of the window you will need to install the curtain panel with. Jot down the dimensions as you measure. You should then decide the amount of ruffles in the curtains. The width across must be two or three times to achieve a ruffle effect. Also add 1/3 of a yard extra for shrinkage. Most of the time, washing causes the fabric to shrink.
  2. Shop for the right fabric. Step out and look for fabric that suits you. Inform the store attendant that you need to have your fabric cut out in panels. This way, you will have easier time in measuring and cutting the fabric within your house. Be certain that your fabric is appropriate for the season and well suited to the ambiance of your room. If you are unsure about the length of your curtain due to shrinkage after wash, you may ask the store employee if you should pre-wash the fabric. You have to iron it after washing if pre-washing is quite necessary.
  3. Cut and wash. At home, measure your fabric very carefully and jot down the correct lengths. Drop the entire fabric in the washing machine. The fabric will shrink after being washed.
  4. Iron and sew. Iron the fabric panels. Check the long sides of the panels. Use a thread that matches the color or design of the fabric. Fold an inch over and sew with a straight stitch. Same with the bottom and top side of the curtain. Fold both sides an inch over to the wrong side (the side with the lighter fabric pattern.) After doing so, go back to the top side and fold a hem big enough for the curtain rod to slide through. Do a straight stitch and iron this side.
  5. Repeat. Well done on your first curtain panel! You need to repeat Step 4 until all the remaining curtain panels are done.
  6. Hang the curtains. Insert the curtain rods into the top hems of the fabric. Hang the curtain and scrunch for the ruffle effect.


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