How To Make Picture Frames from Old Barn Wood

If you have scrap wood or old barn wood that you no longer need, you can recycle them and make other items such as picture frames. You do not need to be an expert in building or woodworks to be able to do this. You can even give these wooden picture frames to your friends and family during the holidays as presents. The steps are really simple. Read below to know the instructions.

  • Materials to prepare. The materials that you need to prepare are wood planks, pencil, tape measure, saw, wood glue, nails, hammer, sand paper and some paint.
  • Measure the picture. First, measure the picture that you will be using for the frame. Take down the dimensions on a piece of paper so that you do not forget.
  • Frame dimensions. Now that you know the dimensions of your picture, you can start working on the dimensions for your wood frame. The dimensions of the wood frame should be bigger than the picture. You must also know how big you want the frame to be. You can add an inch to the dimensions of your picture.
  • Prepare the wood. Choose the wood that you will use for the picture frame. You can choose some pieces of wood that have chips or nails to add to the look of your picture frame. You can also choose smooth pieces for a cleaner look.
  • Cut the wood. Use your pencil to measure the dimensions of the frame on the wood. You need 4 pieces of wood – 2 for the length of the frame and 2 for the width. When you mark the dimensions on the wood, make sure that you mark the perimeter for the frame and also the dimensions of the picture. Afterwards, draw a diagonal line from the corners to meet at the center. This will help you cut the sides of the pieces at an angle so that you can connect them easier. Use your saw to cut out the pieces that you need for the frame.
  • Connect the pieces together. Work on a flat surface when connecting the pieces so that you are sure that they are straight. Use wood glue to connect the sides together. Apply a generous amount. Allow the wood glue to dry and then use some nails on the corners so that the frame won’t budge.
  • Sand the frame. Finish the frame by sanding the surface for a smooth finish. You can choose to paint the wood in a different color to make it more interesting or leave it the way it is. Varnish the wood for a glossy finish and to protect it.

Now you have a wood frame that you can display in your home by using scrap wood. The steps are really easy to follow and you can finish the project easily. You can add other decorations to the frame such as ornaments or you can also carve some designs on the wood to give it more character. There are other projects you can do with scrap wood such as a stool, a workbench and many more.


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