How To Make Plant Seeds Sprout Faster

Plant Seed Sprouts
Individuals born with the proverbial "Green Thumb" can't resist trying to turn seeds into healthy, growing plants. Traditionally, plant seeds were collected at the end of a harvest from plants that had begun to form seeds. These were kept in cool, dry places over the winter. Even as the first snowfall arrived, it was already time to put the seeds into potting soil in small containers and allow them to develop on a sunny windowsill. It was a delight to watch as tiny seeds began to sprout fragile white roots and the first signs of pale green limbs. In many ways, while snow fell, already an indoor garden brightened the starkly contrasted winter scene.

Today's Plant Seeds Sprout Faster
There are several ways to make plant seeds sprout faster, depending upon the type of plant. There's the hydroponic approach:

Place the seeds on a dampened swatch of paper towel. Store in a small plastic bag in a sunny spot on the windowsill that gets a generous amount of morning sun. The warmth of the sun plus the moisture that develops from inside the bag create the perfect miniature hydroponic garden. This can also be done with larger plant seeds. Be sure to give the seeds enough room to sprout. This method is especially helpful to sprout herbs that have a delicate nature and need to be sprouted indoors before planting outdoors after the last frost. This method results in sprouting in less time than in potting soil. Just be sure to keep the inside of the plastic bag moistened.

Half and Half To Sprout Plant Seeds
Another quick way to make plant seeds sprout faster is to use the half and half method:

Place a small amount of moistened potting soil in darkened plastic bag. There should be an equal amount of moisture to the amount of potting soil to create a soupy mixture. Place the seeds inside the bag. Store in a warm place. Check the growth about every 2 days. The heat inside the plastic bag plus the moisture and potting soil make an ideal place for seeds to spawn.

Outdoor Hot Houses
Building an outdoor hot house is not as difficult or complex when it's kept simple. All that's needed is a wood frame and a cover. You can use large, clear plastic sheets or old panes of glass from door frames if available. Create the wood frame from 4 pieces of wood, 2 long for the sides and 2 shorter for the top. Line with potting soil. Plant the seeds about a half inch beneath the potting soil. Cover with clear plastic sheets. Attach the remaining


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