How To Make Pleated Roman Blinds

If you happen to have just recently transferred homes and are thinking about how you can beautify your interiors without having to spend so much, then a window treatment of pleated roman blinds should be able to do the job!

This type of roman blinds or shades are termed as pleated since the fabric is pleated every time the string is pulled. Pleated roman blinds are simple yet elegant. They provide accent to a room and at the same time block off the sunlight from entering some areas in your house. Additionally, they are cheap when bought and you also have the option to do it on our own.

The best part about being able to make pleated roman blinds on your own is that you can easily customize it according to your taste and style. It is actually easier than you think it is for as long as you know the basic sewing techniques.

In making pleated roman blinds for your home, you will need the following resources and materials.

  • Some fabric
  • Clean white sheet
  • Thread (Same color as your fabric)
  • A sewing machine
  • 1 pack of 1-inch plastic rings
  • A 6 feet long nylon cord
  • Cleat
  • 6 dowel rods (pre-measured to roughly half an inch shorter than the width of the window you are hanging the blinds on)
  • 1-inch thick wood batten (likewise pre-measure to half an inch shorted than your window’s width)
  • 4 eyelet screws
  • Self-adhesive Velcro
  • Velcro

Once you have these materials ready, you can already proceed to these easy steps.

  • Decide—Inside vs. outside of window frame. The first step in making pleated roman shades is deciding whether you want it to hang outside or inside your window frame. Once you’ve decided, you can then proceed to measuring the width and the height of your window. A tip here is to add an inch allowance to the top and sides and more so, a 7 inch allowance to your hemline for the pleats.
  • Cut out your fabric based on your measurements. Do this for both your sheeting (the white cloth) and blind fabric.
  • Pin the blind and sheeting fabric together. In doing so, make sure that the right sides are together before you start sewing a 5/8 inch seam across the top side and hemline.
  • Create a 1 and ½ inch pocket at the fabric’s hemline. You can do this by folding the bottom, which will thus create the said pocket. Start sewing along the edge of the fold once you have folded it.
  • Create the fold. With your bottom pocket done, start measuring and folding around six 1 inch segments of your fabric. Make sure that they are measured properly to give your pleated roman blinds even intervals. This is what’s going to create the pleats at the back. From there, pin the pockets into place then start sewing seams.
  • Inset a dowel rod, manually sew your plastic rings and then thread the nylon cord through the rings. For this procedure, insert a dowel rod on each pocket and sew them close to each end. After, you can now add three rows of plastic rings evenly apart then thread your nylon cord through them.
  • Sew in the Velcro. Stitch the Velcro to the back top of your pleated roman blinds then screw 3 eyelet screws underneath the wood batten. Then add your fourth eyelet.
  • Hang your cleats up the window. Once you are done with your fabric, you can then proceed to hanging the blinds on your window. In doing so, hang the cleat on your window and thus apply some self-adhesive Velcro to the window frame to add stability to your pleated roman blinds.
  • Put your wooden batten on the blinds, and then thread the nylon through your four eyelet screws.

Easy isn’t it? Now can you say that pleated roman blinds are the perfect treatment to any boring room?


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