How To Make Rat Poison

Rats drinking poisoned milk

Rat poison is a dangerous substance you should use only if your rodent problem has gotten out of hand. If you cannot call an exterminator, then you can create your own rat poison. Just follow these instructions and make sure to heed the warnings.

  1. Determine that you have rats. Before mixing rat poison make sure that rats are your problem. Look for droppings, holes in food boxes or exposed holes in the exterior of your home.
  2. Mix the boric acid and chicken broth. The flavor of the broth will attract the rats to eat the boric acid. In time the acid will kill the rats. When you mix the two substances, they should join to become a paste substance. Add more broth if the paste is too thick to stir and more boric acid if the paste is too thin.
  3. Use spoons to roll the paste into balls. Avoid making contact with your skin and the mixture as it may cause irritation and redness.
  4. Place the balls where you have spotted droppings. This is the most likely area where the rats will reappear.
  5. Watch the area for dead rats or a cessation in rat droppings. Pay attention to any signs of odor from a decaying rat. Once the rats dine on the poison, there is a chance they will return inside the walls of your home where they will die then decay.

While you can create rat poison at home with these simple steps, you will need to take a few other steps to rid your home of any rat problem. Remove any exposed food source from your home. Rats will eat almost anything so this means you need to clean out all your cupboards. Store food in plastic containers instead of paper boxes or wrappers. Close any holes or exposed areas of your home to prevent any future rat infestations.


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Hi Edward, this is good...another one to try out...they seem to be immune though. They just keep coming back.

By Mary Norton