How To Make Rolled Roses from Ribbon

Rolled roses from ribbon are easy to make and beautiful to display. They make great centerpieces or wedding decorations. Use stems of different lengths and put them in a vase or fill a basket with them.

The supplies that you need to make rolled roses from ribbon are wired ribbon of any width but at least 12-14 inches long, a floral pick or flower stem, hot glue gun and strong scissors.

Step 1: For the first step in making rolled roses from ribbon is to cut the ribbon to the length mention above. A shorter length will make a smaller rose and be difficult to work with.

Step 2: Expose the wire on both ends of one side of the ribbon. Leave the other side and wire intact.

Step 3: Gather the ribbon to the middle of the wire. Leave at least 2 inches of wire dangling from both ends.

Step 4: Hold the narrow end of the floral pick (or the end of the flower stem) firmly in your hand. Wrap one end of the exposed wire securely around the pick or stem. Use a minimum of 2 – 3 inches of wire. This will begin to form the base of your rolled ribbon and hold it in place for the next step.

Step 5: You should have the 2 inches of exposed wire on one of the ribbon and the other end secured to your stem. The remaining ribbon should be bunched up in the middle of the wire. Now is the time to start wrapping the remaining ribbon and wire around the stem. Simply gather it and wrap it around the stem as you go. Continue to leave the 2 inches exposed on the end (a tiny clothespin may help hold the ribbon in place).

Step 6: In a minute you will have worked your way to the exposed wire. Keep working with the ribbon until the rose looks natural to you. Pull the very end of the ribbon down to the wire base so that it resembles a real rose. Wrap the exposed wire around the base of the flower at the stem. Some ribbon may be below the wire wrap. Simply snip it off with your scissors.

Step 7: Use your hot glue gun to coat the bottom of the rolled rose that you made from ribbon and to cover any sharp wire points. A dot of hot glue on the stem under the rose will keep the ribbon rose from sliding down the stem.

Step 8: Add leaves with hot glue and arrange the leaves in a pretty fashion. Now that you know how to make rolled roses from ribbon you’ll want to make several to enjoy yourself or give as gifts.


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