How To Make Roller Shades

Roller shades accentuate a room and at the same time provide protection from the sun. Making your own set of roller shades may be necessary, especially if your home's windows are not of standard dimensions. Follow these steps to make your very own custom made roller shades.

Take down your windows' measurements.
Use a steel measuring tape for this step. First, measure the width of the window, making sure that you add a couple of inches to each side. Next, measure the length, but this time, add three inches, both to the top and the bottom measurements. You can always add some more inches to the dimensions if you prefer bigger roller shades for your windows.

Prepare all of the necessary materials and tools for making roller shades.
Head out to your local home improvement store to get the appropriate length and width of fabric. Make sure the one you get is not too thin or too thick. Very thin fabrics won't do much to block out the light. Meanwhile, very thick fabrics tend to jam the metal rollers. Also, grab the appropriate number of metal rollers for the project. Other things that you will need are fusible interfacings appropriate to your fabric's dimensions, an iron and iron board, a pair of fabric shears, a pencil, and a screw driver.

Prepare the fabric.

Measure the fabric and cut accordingly. Iron the fabric first to make sure that there are no creases. Lay the fabric on the iron board with the wrong side up. Now, grab the fusible interfacing and find its rougher side. This is the side with the adhesive on. Now, lay the rougher side of the fusible interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric. Run the iron on the fabric and fusible interfacing to join them. Make sure there are no creases or folds when you do so. The fusible interfacings serve to reinforce your fabric to make it more resistant to wear and tear. Now, you will need to attach the fabric into the metal roller. When you do so, make sure that the fabric will face the room when it is unrolled.

Screw the roller shade bracket onto the wall.
Grab the brackets that came with the metal rollers. Each bracket should be labeled accordingly so you know which goes to the left and to the right of the wall. Now, have the first bracket in hand and position it to where you would like you roller shades to end. Mark accordingly using a pencil. Get the screws and attach the first bracket onto the wall using a screw driver. You may need to use plastic anchors if your home has a drywall or hollow walls. Get the roller shade once more and slide it to the already installed bracket. Now, get the second bracket and mark accordingly. Make sure that the second bracket is properly aligned to the first one to avoid problems with the rollers later. Lastly, install the second bracket using the provided screws.

Now, all you need to do is to attach the roller shade into the brackets and they should be ready to use.


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