How To Make Roman Blinds at Home

Purchasing Roman blinds in the store can become pricey, depending upon the quality of the blinds one purchases. These types of blinds are a beautiful accent to any room and are very versatile. These blinds make a great resource of keeping bright light out of a room, as well. Beauty does not have to be sacrificed by price, though. Anyone can make their own blinds at home. In order to save on costs, one only needs a few simple things to create their own Roman blinds, at home.

Gather all of the tools and fabrics one will need. Remember to use all safety precautions when working with tools.

To make the shades, simply begin by cutting the chosen fabric to the specified measurements of the window. Remember to leave two inches all around for the seam. Stitch all the sides one inch into the fabric, creating a flat seam for the window treatment. Before turning the treatment inside out, though, trim the edges close to the seam, carefully avoiding cutting the seam open. This will allow the window treatment for the Roman blinds to lie flat.

Turn the fabric inside out so that the seams are on the inside. Flatten the fabric on the ground and pin it at all angles to make sure the fabric does not move and remains wrinkle-free throughout the process. Then, measure roughly two inches from the top of the window treatment. Mark this area. From here, one will begin measuring for the sectioning of the blinds.

Next, measure sections with the remaining fabric in between eight to twelve inches, marking the sections as one measures. Make sure that the bottom section is not smaller than four inches. This will create an uneven fold at the bottom, if it is.

Then, cut the lining fabric into strips that are four inches wide and as long as the window treatment for the Roman blinds. Turn in the sides and stitch a 1/2 inch from each edge. Next, turn the treatment right side outward and press it flat. Make sure all side are even and there are no unnecessary bumps. Finally, one can stitch the folded side on to the sections that were originally drawn.

Completing the last step in the creation of the Roman blinds by inserting a 1/2 inch wood lathe into the pockets that were made and fold the edge in, remembering to close the ends. Lastly, sew 1/2 diameter plastic rings into the pockets.

One is now ready to hang their Roman blinds. By using a 2-by-1-inch batten, one will use angle brackets to hold the batten. After tucking the fabric in by one inch all around, simply stitch it shut. Securing the blind to the batten, line up eyelet screws with the plastic rings and screw them into the batten.

This finishes the creation of the Roman blinds and they are now ready to hang!


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