How To Make Room Dividers with Curtains

Doors are what you usually use to divide rooms in your house and also for privacy. However, you might have some problems if your space is small. Adding a doorway and a door can make the space appear even smaller than it really is. One of the things that you can do is to use curtains as the room dividers. This will make sure that you can get your privacy but it will not eat up a lot of space. Best of all, you can leave the curtains open if you need more space. Find out how to make room dividers with curtains by following these instructions.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for this are dowel rods, rod holders or hooks, fabric for curtains and a screw gun.
  • Purchase fabric that you will use. Go to the fabric store and purchase the fabric that you want to use as curtains. Make sure that the fabric you use will match the theme of your room. You can choose light fabrics, plain colored ones or fabric with patterns. Purchase about 2 pairs so that you can replace the curtains when cleaning the other one.
  • Measure the space. Use a tape measure and measure that space that you want to cover with the curtain. Measure the width and the height and take it down on a piece of paper. For the length, add about 3 inches of allowance so that you can hang it properly on the curtain rod and it still reaches the floor length.
  • Cut the fabric to size. Cut the fabric according to the dimensions that you got. Make sure that you mark the allowances for the length too.
  • Sew the fabric. Now you can sew the curtains. Sew the hem and the sides of the curtain but fold an inch of allowance so that the fabric will not fray. You can sew it with a sewing machine or hand sew it. For the top part of the curtain, fold down the top to the allowance and then sew on the allowance line. This will provide a loop on top where you can insert the dowel rod.
  • Attach the rod holders. Stick the rod holders on the sides of the wall where you are going to mount the curtains. You can use a screw gun to mount the rod holders in place.
  • Mount the curtains. Insert the dowel rod through the loop that you made on top of the curtains and then mount the curtains by attaching the ends of the rod to the rod holders. You now have curtain dividers for your room.

These are the steps in making your own room dividers using curtains. You may need some help in mounting the curtains in place. Make sure that you use a sturdy ladder when you mount the curtains to avoid accidents. When the curtains are not in use, you can gather them on one side and then tie a ribbon around it to keep it in place.


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