How To Make Router Jigs

A router is a woodworking tool that is used in making hollow cuts on wood pieces. A router jig is another tool that you use with the router. It is a template or an outline that you can use when cutting wood. The router jig is especially useful if you are planning to cut up plenty of wood pieces with the same shapes. Using the router jig will make your job easier. Find out how to make a router jig by following these simple steps.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need are lumber, a carpenter’s square, scrap wood, wood screws, screw gun, router and a quarter inch gouging bit. Wear safety gloves and goggles while working to avoid getting wood splinters on your hands.
  • Cut your lumber pieces. Cut your lumber into pieces to use for the router jig. You need two pieces of lumber. Cut one 2 by 4 by 16 inches and another one with the dimensions 1 by 3 by 36 inches. Afterwards, lay down the first piece of lumber and then put the other piece of lumber on top. The pieces should overlap on one end. There should be about 6 inches of overlay for the pieces.
  • Center the lumber pieces. Use the carpenter’s square to align the two pieces together. The pieces of wood should cross at a 90-degree angle.
  • Attach the pieces together. Get scrap wood and place it under the 1 by 3 by 36 inches. The wood lumber should be lifted off the floor and the scrap wood should do this. Connect the pieces together by using the wood screws that you have.
  • Finish the router jig. You are almost done with your router jig. Place the ¼-inch gouging bit to the router and allow it to make a groove on the sides of the 1 by 3 by 36 inches plank. Now you can use the router jig to put some grooves on other wood pieces by using the jig as the main guide.

Now you know how to make your own router jig to use with your router. This is just one type of router jig that you can make at home to use with simple woodworking projects. Other types of router jigs can be used for different purposes. Read about some of the other types below.

  • Box joint jig. The box joint router jig is one of the basic jigs available. This jig is mainly used for making square joint layouts in woodworking. The box joint jig cuts out at a straight angle, which is ideal to use for furniture.
  • Staircase jig. The staircase jig is helpful for creating the grooves on the side of a staircase. This type of jig is ideal for precision woodcutting.
  • Mortise and Tenon jig. The Mortise and Tenon jig is something that is used by advanced woodworkers who create frame woodworking projects. This type of jig comes with a brush system that guides the jig and the router.


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