How To Make Ruffled Country Style Curtains

Country style curtains with ruffles are what you need to finish your country themed home. There are plenty of fabrics that you can choose from to make your country style curtains. Make sure that you choose a color that fits the overall theme of your house so that you can have harmony and uniformity with the design and style. Find out how to make ruffled country style curtains by following these simple steps.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for this project are fabric, sewing pins, tape measure, thread, iron and curtain rods.
  • Measure the windows. Measure the windows that you want to cover with the ruffled curtains. You need to get the height and width of the window. Take note of the measurements on a piece of paper so that you can remember the measurements later on.
  • Condition the fabric. You need to condition new fabric that you have purchased by washing it and hanging it out to dry. This is because some fabrics tend to shrink when washed and you might not have a good coverage for your window if you do not do this.
  • Cut the fabric. Use the measurements that you took to cut the fabric for the curtains. Remember to put a bit of allowance for sewing. On the top portion of the curtain, you have to make about 4 inches allowance to form a loop since you need to insert the curtain rod. Cut a strip of fabric for the ruffles. This fabric should be thrice the measurement of the width so that you can bunch them up together to form the ruffles on the curtains.
  • Iron the hem and ruffles. Fold the hem of the curtains and pin them down. This will be your guide for ironing. Ironing the hem first before you start sewing will ensure that your curtains are straight. For the ruffles, fold them into thirds and iron so that you know when to fold the strip.
  • Sew the curtains. Sew the hem and sides of the curtains first using the creases that you created as a guide. Afterwards, work on the ruffles. Sew the ruffles using the crease. Fold the ends as you sew so that the bunch up. After sewing the ruffles, the measurement of the ruffle strip should be the same as the measurement of the width of the curtain. Sew the ruffle strip to the top portion of the curtain.
  • Mount the curtains. Insert the curtain rod into the loop that you created on top of the curtain earlier. Afterwards, you can already mount the ruffle country style curtains. Fix the ruffles and the curtains so that they fall well.

These are the easy steps to follow in making ruffle country style curtains. You make plenty of curtain sets for every room in your house. Making the curtains by yourself is certainly cheaper than having them made or purchasing ones that are already made. Choose wisely when purchasing fabric so that you can come up with a good design.


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