How To Make Sectional Slipcovers

Sectional sofas can enhance the appearance of a living room. Besides aesthetic purposes, these sofas are also functional. These sofas can be expensive but there are ways to prolong their life. Like, you can buy or make sectional slipcovers to protect the material of your sofa. It is easy to make a fit and contemporary slipcover that can accommodate ottomans, recliners and other sectional sofa features. Below are steps and guides on how to make sectional slipcovers.

  • What you need to make sectional slipcovers. You need cotton muslin or old sheets, T-pins, slipcover fabric, heavy upholstery thread, sewing machine, tape measure, trims, cording or piping, zippers, scissors, pattern tracing paper, and pinking shears.
  • Pre-wash the fabric. Skip this procedure if you’ll dry clean your slipcover. If you’ll wash the fabric, then visit a Laundromat with good equipment for a faster process.  Dry the fabric and the sectional slipcover before ironing them. Roll your fabric and store it for later use.
  • Remove the cushion cover. You must have a similar shape for your cushions. Form a pattern by tracing the cover in every seam line. Leave a half-inch for the seam allowance in every side of the pattern pieces. Repeat the procedure for the other cushion shapes and sizes of the sectional sofa.
  • Use the patterns of the sectional slipcover cushion. Check the fit of the cushion before sewing them. You must have a perfect fit before you proceed. If you want to make removable covers for dry cleaning or future laundering, then use upholstery zippers. Use the pinking shears so you can polish the seam allowances. Use muslin for your sectional cushion covers if you prefer.
  • Mark the slipcover seams. Use an old sheet or muslin and T-pins so you can mark the slipcover seams. Make a pattern or outline for the side and arm of the ends of the sectional sofa. The seams that you need will depend on the shape and size of your sectional sofa.
  • Use an arm to drape the sectional slipcover. Work with flat fabric pieces that have pleating or gathering if you want a better made slipcover. You also need to drape and make an outline for the turning piece or curve of the sectional sofa. The entire sofa seat must be measured to make perfect pattern pieces. Make separate slipcover to make the process easier.
  • Make pattern pieces from the pinned muslin. Sew the pattern pieces after. Use the muslin to cut pieces from your decorator fabric. Seam the slipcover piece. Use trims, piping, or cording if you desire. If there’s a need, attach the pleating, gathering or skirt after you have sewn the arms and the body of the sectional slipcover. Use the pinking shears in polishing the seams so the fabric won’t fray.
  • Fit the new slipcover on your sectional sofa. Ask for help if you can’t fit the slipcover snugly. Put every cushion in their new cover. Then, arrange your modified sectional sofa in your living room or the allotted space to enhance the appearance of your house. You can create throw pillows from leftover fabrics.

Having throw pillows and sectional sofa will give you a wonderful and cozy living room. Ask your family members to give suggestions to your design.  


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