How To Make Simple Stained Glass Suncatchers

Sun catchers are usually made from stained glass, and are hung around in rooms in order to reflect light and turn simple sunlight into various colors. Glass sun catchers are very pretty to look at, and they can help brighten up and color your room. Sun catchers are especially useful in rooms that have large windows that let plenty of light in. here’s how you can make on yourself.

  • Outline. First of all, you need to create the outline for the sun catcher. The first sun catcher that you should make should be simple and relatively small. After you have made your first sun catcher, you can experiment with other sizes, shapes, and forms. For your first sun catcher, make a small square from cardboard. The square should be approximately four inches on all sides. This will help you make a larger square that is eight inches on all sides.
  • Cut. After you have made the little square, use it to mark the glass that you will be using for the sun catchers. Sheets of glass can be purchased from art stores, although you can also buy them from the Internet. The best thing about buying the glass sheets from the Internet is that you get a wider variety of choices. Make sure that you select four colors that you like to make the sun catcher. Use a marker to transfer the shape of the square on the glass sheets, and then use a glass cutter to make the incision on the glass.
  • Solder. By now, you should have four pieces of stained glass, which will be soldered together to form the square sun catcher. To solder them, you will need five pieces of lead that are approximately eight inches long, and two pieces of lead that are four inches long. Take the first piece of eight inch-long lead, and attach the two colored glass squares on them. Solder the lead so that it holds the two sheets. In between the two colored glass squares, solder on a four inch lead stick so that it divides the sheets. Next, add in another eight inch lead stick on the bare edge of the glass sheets, and attach two more sheets. Again, add the divider, and cover up the other edge with one more lead stick. Now, only the sides of the sun catcher are uncovered with lead. Use the two remaining lead sticks to solder and cover the bare edges.
  • Hang. At this point, your sun catcher is already beginning to take form. So that you can hang it, take a piece of iron ring and connect it to the end of the sun catcher, again soldering it into place. This way, you will be able to hang the piece around the house.

Once you have made your first sun catcher, you can make other sun catchers. Simply sketch the design, cut the glass, and solder together. You can make more complicated designs, such as faces, or diamond figures, or whatever image comes to mind. With a little practice, you can actually make very complex images using stained glass sheets, and hang them around the house as sun catchers.


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