How To Make Slatted Patio Screens

There are limitless reasons you might want to hide some area outside your home. Maybe you just want to camouflage your trash barrels until they are emptied, or perhaps you seek more privacy around your patio or pool. Whatever the case, a slatted patio screen can not only offer you the seclusion you desire, but can be a great addition to your outdoor décor. While it is possible to buy a preassembled patio screen, patio screens can be made from raw materials to fit your exact needs for very little expense.


Step 1: If you plan to create your own slatted patio screen, the first thing you need to do is determine a design for your work. Measure the space that you intend to screen off, taking down both height and length dimensions. Then sit down and draw out what you would like the finished product to look like. You may include in your sketch the colors that you intend to use in different parts of your screen.

Generally, the screen itself will be made of lattice, laid in multiple directions to obscure visibility. You may choose to use multiple styles or sizes of lattice work to create a more intricate design. Determine in your drawing the dimension/cut of each section of lattice work.

Step 2: Using your sketch, make a list of materials that you will require. This list may generally include, but is not limited to, paint or stain, galvanized nails, material for the frame of your screen (if necessary to your design), and lattice. Take this list to the local hardware store or lumber yard and purchase the supplies. Some places will make the final cuts on wooden products for you, others will not. Inquire at the time of purchase if they can cut your supplies to the lengths and widths you need.

Step 3: If the lumber yard did not do it for you, cut your lattice (and framework) to size. Paint or stain the woodwork the desired color for your slatted patio screen, and allow all the pieces to dry.

Step 4: After all the pieces of the screen have thoroughly dried, it is time to assemble the actual screen. If you are attaching the screen directly to the patio, simply arrange the lattice according to your design. All pieces of lattice should be in place before anything is attached to insure proper fit. If any minor changes need to be made, remove the piece of lattice and make minor cuts to adjust fit.

If you are attaching the screen to a frame, begin by assembling the frame, and then arrange the lattice on that frame. This should be accomplished on the frame just as it was on the patio.

Step 5: Using the galvanized nails purchased in Step 2, attach all the sections of lattice to one another, and the frame, this will create your screen. This screen should then be attached to the patio using deck screws.


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