How To Make Snare Traps for Squirrels

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I hope to show you just how to make a snare trap for squirrels and other small animals if you enjoy more than squirrels.

This is a fascinating hobby to get into, as well as removing the animal from a place of danger for your home, or for the safety of the animal itself. Now this trap that you have made can be used for eating when there is nothing else available to you.


  1. 2 sticks of wood, like logs, around 21/2 feet.
  2. A 10-14 inch string, or wire for the snare.
  3. Strong smelling bait that a squirrel would love.
  4. Some sticky substance that squirrels hate for their feet to touch.

Take the wood logs, on one make a notch about 15 inches from center, do this on both sides, this is wear your bait will go. In the center is where you will secure your squirrel snare wire or string, with a loop. This loop will to be standing on end and ready to snare the squirrel as it passes through. You squirrel snare trap has to be placed in trees for the right environment to trap the squirrel.

Take your notched wood and place it in a tree limbs horizontal, place the second log the height of the squirrel, which is about 3 to 4 inches high. Camouflage the top area with things that would make it hard for the squirrel to cross, because you want it to cross on the bottom log where the snare is. You can also put the sticky substance on the top log, squirrels hate for their feet to be dirty, you won’t see them running on the ground, and they are always jumping from one place to another, never just walking around the ground.

It is very important to place the bait on both sides of the bottom log of your squirrel snare trap so no matter which side he runs from he will be trapped. Now this trap can easily kill the squirrel, when the squirrel runs through this snare trap you have just made, it will feel the loop, and then panic sets in and he tries to run from it, except it catches him, if the squirrel should fall, which is want happens most of the time, the snare trap will choke him.

It depends on why you are trapping squirrels to know if you should kill them. The most common reason for making a squirrel snare trap is for eating the squirrel meat to survive, however this is not a sport, and the hobby of it is to learn about the squirrels around us, and or if they are causing electrical issues in your home. Squirrels are a lot of fun to study, they also are a great meal if you need one.


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