How To Make Stepping Stones

Learning how to make your own stepping stones can be a wonderful and creative project for one to undertake and enjoy as opposed to spending a load of money purchasing them pre-made.  By creating your own stepping stones, you can add all the special touches you want to match the colors and theme in your garden or area you are using them.

Before you begin to make stepping stones, you will need a list of various items that you can pick up at your local hardware or home and garden stores.  You will need to purchase some cement and cement colors (if you intend to have your stepping stones colored), some screening (this helps strengthen your stones), acrylic sealing to cover your stones, and any added extras such as tiles, paints, or inserts that you wish to use to design your stones with.  You can use newspapers from home to lay under you as you work.

For molds that you want to use to shape your stepping stones, you can use those from home (tin pans, plastic containers, etc), or you can get your molds from the arts and craft stores.  To add special designs to your stepping stones, you can use many items such as marbles, tile, costume jewelry and beads, shells, flowers, or any other items that you can visualize on your stepping stones.

To begin your project, lay your newspapers out in the area you are going to work.  Next, have your molds and your special designs available by your side.  Next you would mix your concrete according to the directions on the bad and add your color to your liking.  Quickly place your concrete into the molds you have, filling the mold approximately halfway and flatten until it is smooth. 

Next place the screening in the mold and fill the remainder of the mold container until it’s completely topped off. Gently moving the mold around will remove any air that may be in the mold.  Let your molds sit for about an hour and then begin to add your special touches and designs that you wanted to create on your stones for personalization. 

After you are done, allow your molds to dry for about three days to make sure they are completely ready.  Lightly try to glide the stepping stone out of the mold and use an acrylic sealing to seal the stepping stone to add shine and luster.  When you are done, place your stepping stones in your garden, or any area that you planned to use them and simply enjoy these for a lifetime.

Making stepping your own stones will prove to be fun project that last forever!


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