How To Make Stepping Stones from Scratch

If you already have a garden at home, or if you are planning or is interested to have one, you may want to add a unique touch to your beautiful garden. Stepping stones can give your garden an inviting feeling. They can be bought or can be personally made. These can be made by buying a kit or starting off from scratch. Choosing to start from scratch can give you endless possibilities of creating your personal stepping stone.

  • Prepare your materials. Mold (any kind of mold you can find around your house e.g., pie pans, various-shaped lids etc.), pre-packed stepping stone mix ( can be purchased on most craft stores)or quick setting concrete (about 50 to 60 pounds), large bowl for mixing concrete, items you want to use for decoration (sea shells, broken ceramic pieces, marbles, beads etc.), paint stirrer, and putty knife or spatula.

Here are some quick steps to make your own personal stepping stone.

  • Choosing your mold. You can choose your mold or you can either purchase a variety of molds in craft stores. Options for choosing your mold is countless so find things that you think can be used as a mold. You can use old pie pans, pizza boxes, baking pans or anything you can find around the house. Be resourceful!
  • Mixing concrete. Just follow the steps in the back of your pre-packed stepping stone mix or quick setting concrete (add 2 cups of water to 8 pounds concrete mix and mix well by hand like making a batter for baking). Don’t forget to cover your workspace with old plastic sheet. Use protective rubber gloves in mixing concrete by hand because the stepping stone mix can irritate your skin. Wash hands after handling the mix and avoid inhaling the dust.
  • Pour concrete mix into mold. Carefully pour mix into your mold. Level the surface using your putty knife or spatula. Make sure that there are no bubbles so that the mix will be level when it dries. You can also lift the mold slightly high and then drop it on the ground to level the surface, just make sure your mold does not break.
  • Decorating your stepping stone. Now here comes the fun part! While your concrete mix is still wet, you can start decorating your personal stepping stone. Use your gathered items like sea shells, broken ceramic pieces, marbles, beads, mosaic tiles and arrange them in the wet cement as you please. You can use your hand prints, foot prints, your favorite pets paw, and other personal touch to your stepping stone. You can also write your name or your pet’s name in the stone. Be artistic and use your imagination!
  • Allow the concrete to set. Check for instructions at the back of the pre-packed concrete mix on how long it needs to set; usually it will take at least 24 hours. Avoid cracks by not moving the mold until it sets. Give at least 2 weeks before stepping on it just to make sure it’s sturdy enough to carry weight.


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