How To Make Styrofoam Decorations

Decorations, especially during holidays, always bring us cheer. The thing is, if we have to buy decorations for every holiday every single year, it sure would burn a hole in our pockets. So instead of buying those fancy Christmas or Halloween decors, why don’t you try making your own?

Making your own decorations is not only cheap, but fun and practical. Styrofoam is the best material to use because it is light, inexpensive and easily available. It’s not easily torn and it can be cut into different shapes. You can also make 3D ornaments from it!

The easiest decorations to make are Styrofoam Christmas balls. These may be hung on your tree, or arranged in a bowl. You can use different non-Christmas colors if you wish to use the decoration for another occasion besides Christmas. Here is how to make Styrofoam decorations.

  • Prepare the materials. Make ready your Styrofoam balls of different sizes, cans of spray paint (1 per color of choice), old newspapers, liquid glue, a box big enough to hold at least 3 of the balls, and glitter (your choice of color). Make sure to spread out the newspapers. They should cover the whole area you’re working at. Also, it is better to do the activity outdoors so you don’t get paint on your couch and carpets.
  • Paint the balls the color of your choice. You can do this by batch. Say, spray paint 5 red balls first, then the green, then the silver. Wait for the paint to dry completely before turning the balls over to paint the other side to avoid the Styrofoam balls from sticking to the newspaper.
  • Design the balls with glue and add glitter. For this step, you have 2 options. You can dip the whole ball in glue and then dip it in glitter. Or, you can make any design you want. You can put swirly lines, circles, stars, or any design you think is most appropriate. Then get the box and put it under the ball. Pour the glitter over it and wait for it to dry.
  • Besides Styrofoam balls, you can also show your artistic side by carving your own design into a Styrofoam board. The challenge is cutting it but not ripping through it. You can do this by using a sharp heated knife and then put it over a lighted candle for a few seconds. It will cut through the Styrofoam board like a piece of cake!
  • Know what design you want. There are hundreds of designs to choose from. You can print some off the Internet, or design your own. It can even be just outlines of shapes! Make sure the design is printed out in thin paper so it’s easier to cut through it.
  • Attach the design to a Styrofoam board. You can use ordinary tape to do this just to keep the design from moving.
  • Transfer the design to the Styrofoam board. You can either trace lightly with a pen for it to leave a mark on the board or use carbon paper to transfer the design to the board. If you have steady hands, you can use the heated knife to cut the shape directly without transferring the design.
  • Cut the board. Just trace the design with your knife.
  • Add paint and glitter to it. You can still use spray paint for this, but if there are details, like a face, you will need to paint them by hand.

Styrofoam decorations are really popular nowadays because they are cheap and fun to make! Making these decorations is a good way to bond with your children and let them explore their artistic side! You see, nice holiday decorations can come cheap too!


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