How To Make Swag Lamps

A swag lamp is a hanging lamp that was very popular in the 70’s. You may have encountered one of these when watching old movies or visiting your grandmother’s house. Swag lamps are a good addition to your home if you want to have that retro feel. These lamps are made of different fabrics and designs so you can make one to fit the theme of your home. The steps in making the swag lamp are easy. Find out how by reading the steps below.

  • Materials that you need. You need a metal colander in the size that you want the lamp to be, hanging lamp kit, a chain, drill and ceiling hooks. You can purchase the materials from your local hardware store. For the colander, you can scour your kitchen to find a colander that you no longer use or purchase a new one.
  • Read the instructions on lighting kit. Open the lighting kit and arrange the components on your work area. Read the instructions on the installation of the lighting kit so that it will be easier for you to install later on. Make sure that all the components are complete before starting.
  • Prepare the colander. Use the drill to make a small hole at the center of the colander. The hole should be about half an inch. Afterwards, insert the lighting kit to the colander. The light bulb should be inside the colander. Just follow the instructions on the user’s manual to install the light kit properly.
  • Install the electric wire. The electric wire will be running from the light up to the ceiling. To make it more presentable, you can loop the wires on the holes on the chain so that it will stay in place and won’t hang loosely on the light fixture.
  • Attach hooks. Drill a hole in the ceiling where you want to place the lamp and then install the hook. You have to make sure that the hook is tight enough to prevent the lamp from falling. Also, make sure that it can support the weight of the light fixture.
  • Install the light fixture. Now you can already mount the light fixture. You can adjust the length of the light by shortening the chain that it hangs on. Hang the light fixture and then plug it on an outlet. You now have your very own homemade swag lamp.
  • Decorate the lamp. The swag lamp that you created is simple. If you want to add decorations, you can wrap the colander in light or see through fabric to make it more attractive. You can also paint over the colander in different colors or stick on tassels at the edge of the colander to add some design. You can do plenty of things with the lamp.

These are the easy steps in making your own swag lamp. The swag lamp is good to have over a small dinner table or at the corner of the room. Match the decoration on the swag lamp to the theme of your room for uniformity.


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