How To Make Trees Grow Faster

Trees are great lawn ornaments. They don’t only make your estate beautiful; they also provide shade, soundproofing, wind breaking, and boundary lines to your house. However, trees take years to grow tall enough for you to achieve all of these benefits. Because of this, people always look for ways to make trees grow faster.

Trees can only achieve their fastest growth potential if they are receiving enough nutrients. Here are ways to ensure that they do:

  • Know your tree. Every tree is different. Some trees thrive better in direct sunlight, while some loves a bit of shade. Research about your tree to find out what kind of environment it grows best in, and recreate that environment in your lawn. If, however, you discovered that your tree doesn’t do well in the type of soil in your area, you can either make the best that you can out of your lawn, or plant a different tree that can better withstand your soil.
  • Root feed. Trees get nutrients through their roots. Because of this, it is important that you make sure that whatever plant food you put on your tree is absorbed by its roots. Root feeding your tree will allow you to do this. Stick a three inches long, one-inch diameter PVC pipe near the tree, below its foliage. Be careful not to put the pipe too close to the tree, and damage its roots. Leave about an inch of the pipe exposed above the ground. You can then pour water and fertilizer into the pipe to directly feed your tree’s roots. Aside from using a PVC pipe to root feed your tree, you can also use an irrigation stake to water your tree. An irrigation stake is a device that you connect to your hose and stick on the soil near your tree. With an irrigation stake, water from the hose is directly poured to your tree’s roots.
  • Use a good fertilizer. Research the market for a good fertilizer. The choice is yours on whether you’ll use a purely organic fertilizer, or a commercially prepared one. Look for fertilizer reviews in the Internet, if you want to do a quick search in the comfort of your home. When selecting among different types of fertilizers, choose slow-release ones as trees absorb them better. Feed fertilizers to your tree every two months to make it grow faster.
  • Keep weeds out. Weeds compete with your tree’s nutrients. Because of this, make it a habit to regularly pluck the weeds that are about three feet around the area of your tree. This will ensure that your tree will be the only one benefiting from the plant food you’re giving it. Also, if possible, avoid planting your tree around grass. They, too, compete with your tree’s food.
  • Avoid injuring your tree. Aside from ensuring that your tree gets enough nutrients, you should also avoid injuring your tree so that it could focus its energy on growing, rather than healing itself. When using your lawn mower, don’t mow too close to your tree to avoid chipping off your tree.

There’s no magic formula that can make your tree grow significantly overnight. Because of this, be patient in caring for your tree. With enough diligence and hard work, your tree will grow inches taller than what trees of its kind usually grow in a year.


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