How To Make Twin Fitted Bed Sheets

Finding the perfect set of fitted sheets is often a long and laborious journey. Whether it is a certain thread count one is after or just something that fits their style, one can spend hours in stores trying to decide what to buy. Why would one purchase a pair of sheets though when one could just as easily make them at home? In a few simple steps, you can customize your own twin-sized fitted sheets for any twin bed.

Before doing anything, one must choose the fabric that they would like to use for the sheets, making sure that it is not only appeasing to eye, but also, feels comfortable enough to sleep on. One will also need to gather the essential tools for assembly. These include a tape measure, thread, a sewing machine, scissors, elastic, and straight pins. It is important that one uses all safety precautions when operating machinery or using tools.

First, one needs to cut their fabric 57 inches wide by 93 inches long. The dimensions of a normal twin bed are 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. The extra fabric allows for the sheets to remain looking seamless and allots for the 8-inch depth on either side of the bed. This will be cut into three pieces, leaving the length 93 inches long, but trimming one piece at the 40 inches wide marker and two pieces at the 9 and a half inch wide markers.

Then, these pieces will be placed together with the widest piece in the middle and the two smaller pieces on either side. The seams need to be sewn together, making sure the end result lies flat. The ends of all sides of the sheet should then be turned inward a half inch, and then, another half inch and stitched down. This creates a narrow hem and makes it easier to insert and measure for the elastic band that is going to go in place.

The last step is to measure and cut the elastic bands. One needs to cut a 6-inch piece of elastic and stretch it as far as it will go. After pinning the ends of the elastic, one needs to zigzag stitch through both the elastic and the sheet. Do this for each side of the sheet. Once unpinned and released, the sheet will become bunched and fit perfectly to one's twin bed.

Making one's own twin fitted bed sheets only takes a few simple steps and tools. This is a unique way to customize any bed, adding one's personal style in to the sheets. One can easily achieve any look, not to mention save a few dollars along the way, just by doing this project on their own.


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