How To Make Underwater Flower Centerpieces

Image of rose shaped candles
Instead of using the traditional flowers in a vase as centerpieces in your next event, use underwater flower centerpieces instead. This is a growing trend that looks quite elegant yet inexpensive to make. You can use a variety of flowers and foliage as well as different colored candles. Underwater flower centerpieces are easy to make. Here’s how.

  • Gather your materials. For this project, you will need cylindrical glass vases. Tall cylindrical vases are good to use because you can see the flowers well. Use three different heights. Buy flowers that will match the theme of your event. Of simply choose ones that you like. Tulips, lilies, orchids and roses are great for underwater flower centerpieces. Stay away from flowers with lots of pollen. The pollen can cloud the water. Purchase clear stones or even colored stones from the garden store or the craft store. Grab a few rubber bands, some fishing weights, 3 floating candles and some distilled water that you will put in the vases.
  • Arrange the clear stones. At the bottom of one vase, place two layers of the clear stones. Arrange the other stones in the remaining two vases.
  • Arrange the flowers. Work with one vase first. Get three flowers and cut the stems in different heights. Remove any excess leaves from the flowers. Too many leaves would make the underwater arrangement look crowded. Hold this group of flowers and use a rubber band to secure the stems together. The rubber band should be about half an inch from the lower end of the stem. Place a fishing weight in the rubber band at the bottom of the flowers. This will weigh down the flowers once the vase is filled with distilled water. Place the group of flowers in the vase. Insert the bottom of the flowers with the fishing weight into the stones at the bottom of the base. Make sure that the rubber band and the fishing weight are unseen. The flower head of the top most flower should sit about two inches from the top edge of the vase. Do the same thing for the other two vases.
  • Add the distilled water. Fill each of the three vases with water. Do not fill it to the brim, leave an inch unfilled. If you wish to use tap water, you can do so. A word of caution though, tap water can get cloudy.
  • Finish the underwater flower centerpiece. Move the vases to their location. Arrange them in such a way that the flowers can be seen well. Place one floating candle on top of each vase.


  • For more drama, use a round mirror as the base for the centerpieces. Place the round mirror in the center of the table. Arrange the vases on the mirror. Place small stones or flowers around the vases. Or you can also put small tea lights on the mirror. Light the candles before the event starts.
  • If you are using the underwater flower centerpieces to decorate your home, make sure to add more water when the water level goes down after a day or two.

Underwater flower centerpieces can be used to decorate an event or party. You can also use this type of floral arrangement to decorate your home. Flowers appear larger when seen in water. Select different flowers and experiment with foliage. This type of flower arrangement is definitely wonderful to look at and a true crowd pleaser.


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