How To Make Upholstered Headboards

One way to update the look of any bedroom is by adding an upholstered headboard. If your bed already has one, you can always change the upholstery to a new fabric. There are so many types of fabrics to choose from. Cotton works well. You can also use velvet, linen, silk, denim, leather, vinyl as well as fake fur. It all depends on the look you are going for.

Materials and tools

  • Fabric
  • 2” foam
  • Fiberfill or batting
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun
  • ¼” staples
  • Saw or jigsaw (if you are cutting wood)
  • ¼ to ½ inch plywood
  • Utility knife
  • Pattern paper

Now that you have your materials, you can make the headboard.

  • Decide on the shape of your headboard. If this is your first time to make a headboard, a standard rectangular headboard is the easiest to make. Make a note of the length and width the headboard should be. The width of the headboard should be more than the mattress. The height depends on whether you want to lean your whole body on your headboard or not.
  • Gather your materials. Choose and buy the fabric, foam and fiberfill at your local fabric store or source these online. Generally, the thicker the fabric the better. The fabric measurements should have a 6” allowance on all sides. The foam should be the exact size as the headboard. The fiberfill should be enough to cover the front of the headboard plus an additional 12 inches added to the length and the width. The excess will be wrapped over the headboard. Purchase your plywood from your local hardware store. Thicker plywood is more stable. Make sure the other tools you will need are available at home. Otherwise, get them from the local hardware or home improvement store.
  • Prepare your plywood. Use your saw or jigsaw to cut the plywood. Some stores can already cut the plywood according to the measurements you specify. If you are using a different shape, you will need to create a pattern of that shape on pattern paper. Trace this pattern on the plywood and use your saw or jigsaw to cut out the shape.
  • Cut the foam. Place the foam on the worktable. Lay the cut plywood on the foam. Use this to trace the shape on the foam. Remove the plywood. Cut the foam using your utility knife.
  • Cut the fiberfill. Using the plywood as the pattern cut the fiberfill. Don’t forget to add an allowance. The fiberfill has to be wrapped over the foam and the plywood.
  • Put together the headboard. Place the fiberfill on the wrong side of the cut fabric. Lay down the foam over the fiberfill then top this with the plywood. Line up the sides of the foam and the plywood. There should be excess fiberfill and fabric that can go over the foam and plywood. Staple first the four corners. Fold over the fiberfill and fabric in one corner and staple it in place. Complete the 3 other corners. Next, work on 1 side first. Staple the fiberfill and fabric beginning at the center of this side working towards the corners. Staples should be 2” apart. Complete all 4 sides. Cut off any excess fiberfill or fabric.

You now have an upholstered headboard. The next thing that has to be done is to attach this to the wall. You will need to install wall mounts in order to do this. Or attach it with wood screws to the bed. Instructions for both can be found online. Either way, enjoy your new upholstered headboard.


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