How To Make Votive Candle Luminarias

For the holidays or as a simple decoration that will provide warmth and a gentle glow for your household, votive candle luminarias are one of the best lighting pieces that you can choose. Apart from being artful and elegant, a number of people are also beginning to use votive candle luminarias because of the inexpensive and easy ways to create the luminarias at home. Here’s how.

  1. Location. Consider the location of the votive candle luminarias. Because the luminarias will hold actual flames, you should make sure that the luminarias are not located in areas where there are flammable materials, either on where the luminarias are placed, or near the luminarias, such as overhead. Prolonged use of the luminaria in a cabinet shelf can heat up the overhead panels of the cabinet and cause a fire. Also make sure that small animals and children will not be able to tip the luminarias over.
  2. Base. You will need paper, votive candles and candle holders, sand, sticks, and a square pan. Take the square pan, which should be three or four inches on all sides and at least one and a half inch in height. Place the votive candle holder in the center of the frame, and use hot glue to attach and secure the votive candle holder in the pan. Afterwards, fill the pan with sand. You can also substitute the sand with kitty litter – what is important is that the base is non flammable.
  3. Frame. Next, insert the votive candle in the holder. Once in place, you will need to take four sticks and use hot glue to attach these to the corners of the square pan. Use strips of adhesive tape or hot glue to keep the sticks in place. The base sticks should be equal in length, usually at around four to six inches in height, and should be positioned vertically on the corners. Afterwards, attaché another four sticks about half an inch from the top of the frame, so that you will have a rectangular frame for the luminaria. Again, use tape or hot glue to keep these in place.
  4. Covering. Now that you have a frame for the luminaria, the next step is to add the covering. For simple luminarias, you can simply use paper lunch sacks, which will give a brownish glow when the luminaria is lit. Fit these into the frame, and cut the excess parts. Use tape to seal the cut out parts. To add more elegance to your luminary, decorate the brown lunch paper sacks with drawings and designs using dark black ink. This will stand out as a silhouette when the luminaria is lit. Apart from ink, you can actually cut out shapes from the paper, or add patches of colored paper.  You can also use decorative paper if you want luminarias that no longer require further decorating.

Light the luminarias using long matches or a lighter with a long handle. Be sure to visit the luminarias occasionally during use, and to replace the votive candles that have already burnt out.


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