How To Make Wedding Bouquet Stems

In a wedding, one of the most popular and endearing decorative pieces are the flowers and the wedding bouquets. Although wedding bouquets are pretty by themselves, you can make your wedding bouquets more charming and handsome by decorating the stems for your flowers. You can decorate only the bridal bouquet, or you can add embellishments on all of the flowers including those for the bridesmaids. Here’s how.

  1. Complete the bouquet. Complete the bouquet by arranging the pieces starting with a centerpiece flowers. Add the complementary flowers and leaves in a rotating pattern so that you will be able to form a circle shaped bouquet. As you place the pieces of the bouquet, make sure that you gradually attach the complementary flowers at a lower level, so that the top of the flower is tallest and most prominent. Add in Spanish moss or decorative grass blades and fern to add depth and variety on the bouquet.
  2. Add rubber bands. Once the bouquet is finished, add in rubber bands on the top and bottom of the stems. Make sure that you attach the rubber bands carefully, while keeping your hands away from the petals which are very delicate and can fall off or bruise when touched too firmly. Two to three rubber bands arranged strategically on the flower bouquet will usually suffice.  You will notice that stems on the outer part of the bouquet are set lower than the rest, since you have arranged the flowers in a descending pattern. Cut off the excess stems with a shear.
  3. Adding the ribbons. Next, attach a ribbon through one of the stems, and tie it into a not. From the one stem, wrap the ribbon in a downward motion while covering all of the remaining stems. Make sure that the ribbon is at least an inch in width so that you will not have to use too much ribbon length. Allow an inch of stems to be visible at the bottom of the bouquet, to give the appearance of a centered stem wrapping.  Use pins to secure the ribbons in place, or hot glue added at the edge of the ribbon. If you will use pins, make sure that the pins pierce the stems right in the middle, so that the pin will not fall off in the middle of the wedding ceremony.
  4. Add decorations. Now that you have covered the wedding bouquet, the next step is to add other decorative pieces. You can use chains of beads or small tokens and cards attached to the bouquet as decorations. If the bouquets are for the bride’s maids, then you can attach a monogrammed card indicating the name of each bridesmaid. You can even include a short but personalized thank you note on the bouquets themselves. If you want your stems to stand out, you can also use alternating ribbons to create a swirling pattern on the stems.

The wedding is one of the most special days for a man and woman’s life. Make the event much more memorable by decorating the wedding bouquet stems yourself.


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