How To Make Wedding Bouquets and Corsages

Weddings are very expensive events that can cost up to several hundred thousand dollars, especially if you are flying in your guests from outside of the country or if you live in the city where catering services and the venue can be very expensive. To save money and still get full control of the wedding decorations, you can make personalized wedding bouquets and corsages yourself. Here’s how.

  1. Cut and drink. For the bouquet, you will need flowers with relatively long stems, which will provide the handle for the bouquets. Among the flowers that are usually used for the bouquet are roses, irises, freesias, carnations, orchids, and alstromeria. You can also use decorative accents for the bouquet such as box, ivy, leather fern, eucalyptus gum, and other types of decorative leaves and stems.  Once the flowers are chosen, you will need to cut the flowers on the stem, in a diagonal manner. Then, place the flowers on a pot of water and allow the flowers to drink. Afterwards, place a string and tie it tightly on the bottom of the stem near the cut, to prevent unnecessary moisture loss.
  2. Arranging the flowers. When arranging the flowers for the bouquet, you should start with the focal point, which will be the most prominent flower in the bouquet. Place these in vase or container which will hold the stems of the flower. The vase should be wide mouthed and should have garden foam to keep the stems in place. Next, add the next circle of flowers that should line the perimeter of the focal point. These should be slightly lower in height than the focal point, to retain the floral centerpiece’s central spot in the bouquet. Add in the ferns and decorative leaves, and then another line of flowers. Each consecutive row of flowers around the focal point should be slightly lower than the preceding layer of flowers.
  3. Tie. Tie the stems together using rubber bands. Then, take a piece of ribbon and use it to wrap the stems decoratively. Make sure that there is around an inch of stem visible on the handle. To seal off the bouquet, use a pin that is directed right into the stems.
  4. Clothing and the corsage. When making the corsage, you will need to consider the type of clothing that the guest will wear. As much as possible, the flower that will be used for the corsage should be the same as the main flowers used in the wedding. The best flowers to be used for weddings are those that come in several colors, so that you can match the corsage with both the color of the guest’s clothing and the type of flower used in the wedding.
  5. Flowers. Use two to eight flowers arranged into a beautiful design. The number of flowers will depend largely on the size of the flowers. Add in decorative leaves such as angel’s breath or ferns for the corsage, and use floral tape to keep the corsage in place. Tie up the design with ribbon or silk, with enough excess length for the guest to tie the corsage on the wrist.

Getting the wedding of your dreams while remaining on budget is easy if you know how to make your own bouquets and corsages, which is one of the main expenses when it comes to the wedding.


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