How To Make Wedding Boutonnieres

For formal occasions such as weddings, one of the best complements for the tuxedo or the suit are wedding boutonnieres, which are floral pieces that are attached to the breast pocket of men’s formal jackets. These floral pieces act not only as accents for the solid color of most suits, but also add a touch of delicateness that makes men more charming. Here’s how you can create your own.

  1. Choose the flowers. The flowers for the wedding boutonnieres should be chosen in advance. Typically, you will need a flower that will match the color of your shirt and tie. The usual flowers that are used for the wedding boutonnieres are carnations as well as roses. Make sure that the flowers are young and small, since too large flowers will look uncomfortable on the jacket’s breast pocket. Make sure that the florist will have a stock of the flower that you need on the date that you will use the boutonnieres. Also purchase other decorative leaves in advance, such as angel’s breath and leather ferns.
  2. Create the bed. To create the base for the wedding boutonnieres, you will need to take a piece of leaf and arrange some baby’s breath and a touch of Spanish moss on the leaves. Use a piece of floral tape to secure the stem of the angel’s breath and the leaf together. You can create up to three or four layers of leaves and baby’s breath, to create a bed for the flower.
  3. Add the flowers. Once the backdrop is ready, the next step is to add the flower. Make sure that the flower is fresh, and that it has recently been watered so that the flower on your wedding boutonniere will not wilt in the middle of the wedding. Use thin wires or floral tape to secure the flower in place. Be careful when tying the buds and the bed together using tape or wire, since the petals can be very delicate and may bruise when handled roughly. Also, make sure that the stem is cut around two to three inches long, so that you will have enough stem to keep the wedding boutonniere in place in your jacket breast pocket during the wedding.
  4. Add a bow. Next, add the bow for the wedding boutonnieres. The bow should be a quarter of an inch in width, and around three to four inches in length. This will make for a small bow that will fit right into your breast pocket. The ribbon that you will use should match both your shirt and the color of the flower.
  5. Storage. How that you have made your wedding boutonniere, the next step is to keep it fresh until you are ready to leave the house. You can keep the boutonniere fresh by storing it in the refrigerator while you are dressing up. You can also spray a mist of water on the flowers, to keep the buds hydrated.

With a wedding boutonniere, you are sure to look classy and glamorous – perfect for weddings, proms, and other formal occasions where you need to look your best.


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