How To Make Wedding Flowers from Silk Flowers

When it comes to weddings, one of the most expensive items that you will have to prepare for is the flowers. If you live in areas where flowers do not naturally bloom, or if you are having a wedding in a month when the flowers are not in season, getting fresh flowers is not only difficult, but can cost you major bucks. As an alternative, you can create wedding flowers by using silk flowers.

  1. Choose the color. Silk flowers have gone a long way and now, some silk flowers are as realistic as fresh flowers. For your wedding, the first step to making wedding flowers from silk flowers is to choose a flower color that matches the theme of the wedding or the bride’s gown. Check the local flower shop for a selection of silk flowers, or visit the web for a wide assortment of silk flower colors. Choose at least three different colors for your flowers, all of which should complement each other.
  2. Choose the flowers. Once the colors are chosen, the next step is for you to choose the flowers. You will need around three to fourth different types of flowers, one of which will be the centerpiece while the others will be used to complement the focal flower. One of the advantages with choosing silk flowers is that you do not have to worry about season, and you can purchase tailor made flowers in the colors of your choice. Apart from the flowers, you should also make sure that you have other decorative plants as well, such as baby’s breath, leather fern, box, Spanish moss, and others.
  3. Adding the flowers. Next, take a piece of floral sponge and place it in a shallow container. Add some water. The sponge will be the base which will hold the flowers in place as you design the flower bouquets for the wedding. Start off with the main flower, which should be in the center. It should have the tallest stem, so that it will stand out amidst the other flowers in the bouquet. Then add other flowers in a circular pattern surrounding the primary flower. Add Spanish moss, angel’s breath, and ferns every now and then. Make sure that the length of the stems decreases as you reach the edge of the bouquet.
  4. Decorations. Once the flower design is completed, you can remove the bouquet from the sponge and use rubber bands to keep the stems in place. Take an inch wide ribbon that is a foot or more in length and use it to wrap the base of the wedding flowers. Use a pin to secure the end of the ribbon in place, or add a dab of hot glue.

Through these easy steps, you can transform simple silk flowers into a wedding bouquet that is fit for a princess’ wedding. You can also place these bouquets in vases to decorate the ceremony hall and the reception area. Best of all, you get to keep the flowers or give them away to your guests after the ceremony.


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