How To Make Wine Cork Coasters

If you are a fan of wine and if you have spare bottles lying around the house with the cork still intact, one easy home project that you can do is to create cork coasters from the scraps of cork from the wine bottles. The coasters will keep your glasses from staining wooden tables, and are also very great pieces for decorating your table setting. Here’s how.

  1. Arrange the corks. You will need around eight pieces of cork for each coaster, so it may take some time for you to be able to create a coaster for each place in the table. You can use cork from any bottle, but the sizes should all be equal, in order to create a coaster that is stable and flat. The corks should be paired up in twos.
  2. Glue the pairs. Next, take hot glue and then glue the sides of the cork coasters together. If you want to secure the corks even more, you can also use short pins to attach the cork coasters together, and then add hot glue to the sides before pushing the cork pieces together. This will give you two supporting mechanisms for keeping the pairs of corks in place. From the eight pieces of cork, you should be able to create four pairs of cork pieces.
  3. Create the base. Next, you will need to create the base for the wine cork coasters. This can be done by positioning one square of cork piece next to another until you form a square chunk that looks like four tiles from a checkers board.
  4. Glue the coaster. Again, you can use pins to secure the four pieces together. Add glue before pushing the pins inwards. Allow the hot glue to cool down on the wine cork coaster.
  5. Add cardboard. Finally, take a piece of cardboard and cut it according to the size of the wine cork coaster. This will give a very flat bottom for the cork coaster, which will make it even more stable while carrying the glasses and mugs that you will place on top of the coaster. If you have very delicate wooden tables or antiques, you can also add more protection by using felt paper on the bottom of the wine cork coasters, which will protect the table from abrasions and scratches.
  6. Decorate. To decorate the wine cork coaster, you can take paint and paint the sides and the top of the coaster. You can also take beads with pins attached to the ends, and stick these onto the sides of the coaster. The cork should easily allow the pins to be attached. You can also take a length of ribbon and glue it onto the sides of the coaster. How you decorate the wine cork coaster is completely up to you.

Through wine cork coasters, each bottle of wine you buy will give you a little something to remember it by – through the old corks that can be used for the wine cork coasters.


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