How To Make Wood Magnets

You can make use of random pieces of wood lying around the house from leftover wooden blocks or artfully chopped wood to create wooden magnets. This is a great project for both you and your children during the weekends, and will be useful for keeping notes on the refrigerator in order.

  1. Paint. Take the wooden pieces start decorating these with paint. Acrylic paints will usually work well with the wood. Make sure that the desk where you will carry out the project is protected with at least two layers of newspaper sheets, to ensure that the paint will not stain the desk. You can also carry out the project outdoors to make sure that you will not stain the floors or the furniture. If you will make large batches of wood magnets, you can also use sponges which will make painting easier.
  2. Add names. Next, you can employ the help of your children in adding their names or other short messages on the wooden pieces. This can be done as soon as the wood pieces have dried out in the sun. You can use thin permanent markers in various colors to add in the names of your children. Apart from names and notes, you can also draw simple characters on the wooden pieces.
  3. Add other embellishments. Next, add in the other decorative touches. There are plenty of home materials that you can use to decorate the wood magnets. If you have beads lying around the house, you can use these to add dimension and texture to the wooden magnets. Apart from beads, you can use ribbons, silk, and lace to cover the edges of the wooden magnets. If you have thin and transparent lace, you can even cover the entire front portion of the magnet with the cloth, as long as the details painted and written on the surface of the wood block is still visible. Use hot glue to attach these various embellishments. Keep in mind, however, that small children should not be allowed to handle the hot glue, since it can potential harm the children.
  4. Glue the magnets. Once the decorations are finished for the wood magnets, the next step is to actually attach the magnets into the wood pieces. You can do this by flipping the wood pieces so that the backside is exposed. Next, take strips of magnets or small magnetic buttons. Add in a dab of hot glue on these magnet pieces and then attach these into the back of the wooden pieces. Allow these to dry out.
  5. Attach. Once the magnets have dried, you can finally display you and your kids’ creations around the house. You can place these on the refrigerator door, or you can purchase a white board where you can place notes and write down notes using white board markers.

Through wood magnets, you can allow your kids to express their innate creativity and get the much needed time to bond with your kids. Even better, this project will not cost you much, and most of the items needed are available in your home or the local arts and crafts shop.


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