How To Make Your Beautiful Bouquet of Roses Last Longer

A bouquet of roses is not only striking to behold. It is also remarkably meaningful. In fact, it signifies a broad range of emotions - from simple admiration to profound gratitude, from warm friendship to intense devotion. Now, if it just wilts and dies within a couple of days, the fleeting delight it brings ends too.

Well, don't be upset. Here are some tricks to let your roses last a bit longer:

  1. Give them the "cold" treatment. If you still need to do other things before arranging your roses, experts encourage you to first keep them in a cool environment. It is even better if you could place them in a container with cold water after you have taken them out of the box or the packaging.
  2. "Cut", carefully. Wearing leather work gloves and using a pair of scissors or a knife, cut the stem of each rose. Remove about two or three centimeters from the end part of each stem. Then, cautiously remove the thorns and trim the excess foliage. If the roses are already tied, you may keep them that way and then cut them altogether to save on time and to keep the arrangement intact. Just exert more force to cut them evenly. You may also cut the stems while underwater. Experts expound that it would prevent air from getting into the stems. 
  3. Get the "vase". Get an appropriately-sized vase. If your vase is not really clean, your roses might not really last longer. Bacteria may greatly affect their longevity. Fill up your vase with room temperature water and floral preservatives. Make sure that the vase is only three-quarters full of water. Then, promptly put the roses into your vase. Get rid of the leaves that are below the waterline. You don't want those leaves to die and produce bacteria.
  4. Look for the perfect place "under the sun". Your roses should enjoy ample sunlight but they should not be directly put under it. That would surely cause them to wilt. It is also conducive if you could keep them in an area within a room temperature, about 18 -22°C. But it doesn't mean you should let them face an electric fan or an air-conditioning unit. For more helpful hints on the most suitable temperature for flowers, check As much as possible, position your roses a bit far away from ripening fruits. As fruits ripen, they emit ethylene. Ethylene would cause your dearly beloved roses to age rapidly. Another source of ethylene is cigarette smoke.
  5. Bestow them the "best care". Be steadfast. Letting your roses last longer needs special dedication. You could freshen up the flowers by spraying them with water. Meanwhile, you could replace the water in the vase every other day. You could also take away any dead flower or leaf whenever you see them and cut the stems in intervals of three or four days.

These simple guidelines should make your roses last longer. So, take time. Marvel at their beauty. Cherish their memory.


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