How To Make Your Galley Style Kitchen Work for You

Galley style kitchens have been a popular choice in many home floor plans because they are very functional.  Generally a galley kitchen is simply a rectangular room, which may be open at one or both ends.  The perimeter of the room is lined with cabinets, and everything is within easy reach for cooking.  Unfortunately this kitchen design does present some space challenges, but it is certainly nothing that a little organizational planning cannot help to correct.  

Step 1

Stretching Storage
Cabinet space is usually the biggest problem in a galley style kitchen.  One way to free up some cabinet space is to install a pot rack.  No only does a pot rack free up some room under the counter, but a pot rack can be a design element in the room as well.  There are many styles available, so select one that complements the style in the rest of your house.  

Step 2

Smaller Can be Better
When designing a galley kitchen think about the size of your appliances.  If you choose appliances that are scaled down, such as the ones that are commonly found in condominiums, your kitchen will actually appear larger.  You can find refrigerators, dishwashers, stovetops and ovens that will fit your galley space properly.

Step 3

Think Quality

One of the good things about having a small space is that you can afford to install quality, because you do not have to deal with quantity.  By using quality materials like granite or marble for your countertops and beautiful hardwood for your cabinets, you actually increase the value of your home.  Since your floor space is minimal, you can also afford to install marble or hardwood floors, which will add to the value of your house as well as the beauty of your kitchen.  So what you lack in size, you can certainly make up for in quality.  

Step 4

Lots of Light  
Kitchen lighting is key, and you will probably want to have two modes of lighting.  Some of the new pocket lighting found in kitchens makes for a wonderfully cheery atmosphere, and then you can install some under cabinet lighting for ambient lighting when you are not working in the kitchen.  If your kitchen opens to the outside at one end, make the most of any natural light by installing a French door.  

Step 5

Open Walls
If you have the space, it may be an option to expand your galley kitchen by knocking out a wall or adding a pass through in one wall.  Just opening up a wall can make a galley kitchen feel much larger than it really is.  You can add an island to your galley kitchen, and by keeping it on rollers you can tuck it away when it is not in use.  

Step 6

Pale Colors
Generally you want to use a pale color palette when putting color on the walls of a galley kitchen.  If you want a pop of color in your kitchen you can paint a focal wall a deep, bold color while keeping the other walls lighter hues.  You can also choose to keep all of the walls pale and add your pop of color with your counter accessories, towels and area rug as well.  

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