How To Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are chalky balls about the size of a small orange that people use in their bath tubs. Bath bombs are use to add fragrance to the water and also serve as a moisturizer. When you put it in the water, the initial reaction of bath bombs is to spin and to release bubbles. Bath bombs are available in soap stores, and they often cost $6 dollars or more, but why buy it at an expensive price when you can just create your own bath bombs.

In this article we will discuss how to make your own bath bombs. But first you need to gather all the materials needed to create your bath bombs.

Bellow is the list of materials to make your own bath bombs:

Dry materials:

  • Baking soda
  • Citric Acid
  • Corn Starch
  • Salts

Wet materials:

  • Water
  • Fragrance oil or essential oil (be sure it is body safe, do not use oil for candles and warmers).
  • Oil
  • Food coloring (do not use heavy colors, and do not add high amounts of food color)


  • Mixing Bowl (advisable to use glass bowls). Glass bowls are non-reactive to ingredients.
  • Measuring cup
  • Small jar
  • Ball like molds or any kind of molds that you prefer.

After gathering all the materials, you are ready to make your own bath bombs. Here are the steps to create your own bath bombs:

  1. First is to measure all the ingredients using the measuring cup.  Measure the baking soda for about 8 ounces, citric acid, corn starch and salts for about 4 ounces each.
  2. Begin mixing all the dry ingredients into the mixing bowl. Make sure that all the ingredients are fairly mixed up in smooth stability.
  3. Now, mix the wet ingredients, 0.75 tablespoon of water, 2 tablespoon of fragrance oil, 2.5 tablespoon oil and 1 to 2 drops of food coloring. Mix together all the wet ingredients using the small jar and shake it until some oil is mixed up. Don’t expect to get a full blend.
  4. After that, slowly add a small quantity of the liquid mixture to your dry ingredients. While pouring, quickly beat up the reacting materials to stop the reaction. Note: be sure to add a small quantity of liquid mixture to the dry ingredients, measure about 1 teaspoon at a time.
  5. When all the ingredients have been mixed up, you should have a material with the stable moisture of sand. It should bunch together when you squeeze it.
  6. Now, you only have a minimum span of time to mold the material. Get the mold, and mold the material. You can use different kinds of molds like candy molds, muffin tins, ice trays, etc. any mold that you prefer using and that pleases you.
  7. Do not leave the material in the tray for very long. Basically, you can tap it out after you fill them.
  8. Let them settle for a while to dry. After the bath bombs are dry, you can store them in an air tight container. Note: high moisture can react with them and make them active.

Now you are done making your own bath bombs. But here’s the catch, you need to use them within six months, because you only used oil and water, and you did not add any preservatives.

You can enjoy your bath bombs by dropping them in warm water and relax while the bath bombs react to the water.


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