How To Make Your Own Custom Collapsible Table

No matter how tall the skyscrapers get in the city skyline, one problem persists – space. With more and more people, friends, and family moving into the city, getting the most out of the small space that you have in the city neighborhood or in an apartment is a must. One of the easiest ways to save space and still retain functionality in your home is through a collapsible table, which is another element in the growing collapsible network of common home collapsible furniture pieces. This table is great for large dinners with the entire family, for playing cards, or simply for the Saturday morning picnics. Here is how to get one installed in your living room in no time.

  1. Plan ahead - The first question that you need to answer is what type of collapsible table you want. There are some that are installed directly on the walls, and have legs that can bend inward to allow you to push the table top along the wall. While functional by itself, the table cannot be moved around. The other type is the folding collapsible table, which can be set up on the living room floor in a matter of minutes. Once you have decided, get the appropriate materials and tools. For both types of collapsible tables, you will need a circular or round saw, wooden poles to act as legs, and either wood panels or PVC sheets as the table top.
  2. Construction - For the wall-mounted table, cut out a square or rectangle shape from the wood panels. Using a pencil, mark the table height in relation to the wall. This will serve as a guide for connecting the pieces, as well as for determining the length of the legs. Once done, attach the hinges on the table surface. The table should have a hinge for each leg, while the part that connects to the wall should have at least three hinges, since these will also hold the weight of the table and table legs when folded. Some wood panels are heavier and thicker than others, and will need to be reinforced with an adequate number of hinges. Screw on the hinges to the legs and the wall. Make sure that the legs will tuck in snugly between the wall and the table.
  3. Portable collapsible tables - For the portable collapsible tables, create two identical squares that will fit side by side to create the table top. Instead of getting support from a wall, the portable table will stabilize itself through the other half, once unfolded. Be sure that each half of the table has at least two legs. Once the pieces have been measured and cut up, proceed to attaching the hinges between the table and legs and the sides of the table. The end result should be a table that folds in half, with legs that will fold inwards for easy storage around the house or in the car.

Once you have your collapsible lightweight table, add collapsible chairs to complete the collapsible network of furniture for your home. Or, customize your piece by making a padded table that your kids will love playing on. Whether for collapsible camping, a drink with friends, or for work, the collapsible table is both the economical and ergonomic choice for you.


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