How To Make Your Own Effusion Fragrance Lamp

Effusion fragrance lamps are also sometimes called perfume lamps, catalytic lamps or effusion lamps. With this kind of lamp, scented oil is dispersed as gas smoke throughout the entire room thus eliminating all the other odors inside the room. This kind of technique was originally used in the 18th century, mostly in hospitals.

This is the right way in using the effusion fragrance lamp: First, you have to prepare the things you need--you are going to need a match or any lighter, the lamp and the fragrance fuel; Light the burner (the stone burner is placed at the mouth-like part of the lamp); Extinguish the flame, wait for a few minutes before extinguishing the flame. After extinguishing the flame, the burner will remain heated for about 16 hours and thus diffusing the aromatic scent throughout the room. It is not practical to use commercial effusion fragrance lamps on a regular basis but you can make your own effusion fragrance lamp.

You can follow these steps to make your own effusion fragrance lamp:

  • Prepare your materials. You are going to need an effusion lamp—this can be of any style depending on your taste; an extra lamp kit; two containers preferably with a lid; a measuring cup or spoon; one ounce distilled water; one ounce essential oil—this depends on what aroma you would like; and 32 ounces of 90 percent isopropyl alcohol.
  • Put the liquids in one container. Be sure to not use all the alcohol. You can mix the mixture with a stirrer or you can put the lid on the container and shake it. Shaking the mixture will mix it better. Do not worry because the liquids are safe for use at home.
  • Soak the wick and the stone in alcohol. Using the other container, soak the wick and the stone in the leftover 90 percent isopropyl alcohol. This will make the wick and the stone initially filled with alcohol, thus making the wick longer-lasting.
  • Fill the lamp with the liquid mixture. Make sure that you don’t fill the lamp completely. Just fill it until it is half full.  
  • Put the alcohol-soaked wick and stone into the lamp. Make sure that the wick is full with alcohol to make it last longer.
  • Light the wick. This will heat the wick just enough to diffuse aroma into the room.
  • Extinguish the light. Do not forget to extinguish the flame four to six minutes after the wick is lighted. After the flame is out, put the effusion cap on the wick. Leave the lamp this way.
  • Let the fuel empty. The lamp in the fuel will empty in about 12 to 16 hours.  When it is empty, you can stop the wick from burning by replacing the effusion cap. Use the sniffer cap to replace. Allow the lamp to cool.

If you want to use extra wicks so you can use the effusion fragrance lamp continuously, you can make more extra liquid mixtures and place it in a container and provide extra wicks and stones and soak it in alcohol.


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