How To Make your Own Miracle Gro

If you care so much about your lawn and garden, it is not that bad to purchase and make use of a synthetic fertilizer like Miracle Gro. However, this can pose a lot of problems to many people, as this can be expensive. Therefore, the only practical solution left for you is to make your own version of Miracle Gro.

Basically, it is not that hard to make a fertilizer of your own. In fact, it can even be made in as simple as combining different kinds of materials or ingredients. What makes the do-it-yourself Miracle Gro great is not only its affordability but also its being a safe fertilizer for your much cared for plants. To get started, here are some ways on how you can make your own fertilizer:

  1. Epsom salt fertilizer. This is perfect for your houseplants, peppers, roses, potatoes, and tomatoes. This is because Epsom salt contains sulfate and magnesium, two important minerals needed by plants. To do this, combine one tablespoon of Epsom salt to one gallon of water. Then, you are ready to make use of this fertilizer when watering your plants. This will give out great results if done at least once a month.
  2. Egg shell fertilizer. This type of fertilizer works best because it contains calcium carbonate. Air dry some egg shells and then place them in a blender until such time that they become powdery. Afterwards, you can sprinkle them in the garden.
  3. Vinegar fertilizer. This is perfect for acid-loving plants. It increases the acidity of the garden soil. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar and one gallon of water. You can use this to water the plants right away. It is best to use this fertilizer once every three months.
  4. Fish tank water fertilizer. This kind of Miracle Gro is something that does not require much labor to prepare. You only need to save all the dirty water and use them for watering the plants. This is an effective alternative to any kind of fertilizer as this water contains nitrogen and other important nutrients that the plants need.
  5. Human urine fertilizer. This is a kind of fertilizer that is best for any kind of plant but is most tested in cases of tomatoes. The human urine contains nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium that are all enriching nutrients for the plants. Tomatoes fertilized by human urine are found to contain more protein and beta carotene. The same has been observed in cucumbers, maize, and barley. This can be prepared by combining human urine and wood ash.

With all these fertilizers that made on your own, you can ensure the health of your plants. In fact, the results can even be at par with that of synthetic fertilizers like Miracle Gro. Not only that, this can also be your way to getting healthy plants without hurting your pocket that much.


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