How To Make Your Own Mirror Frame

Mirrors are created in this world for you to see your reflection. The main mission of mirrors is to make everyone look neat, tidy and beautiful by improving on what is seen in the mirror. Nowadays, you can personalize your mirror to make this inanimate object a part of your room or desk. The following are the steps on how to create your own mirror frame.

  1. Buy your desired mirror. Mirrors vary in shape and size. One consideration is where exactly you will put this framed mirror. An oversized mirror is not suitable in a very small office desk, while a pocket sized mirror will not look good in a walk-in closet.
  2. Before starting with the actual framing process. you must have a sketch or outline of the frame design that you want to make. This will avoid error and plywood wastage. You can have 2 or 3 designs so that if one design does not succeed in actual framing, you will still have options.
  3. Prepare for the materials needed, such as plywood, with a size larger than the mirror by at least 4 inches on all sides (color and type depending on your taste), sand paper, wood screws, wood glue or construction grade adhesive, a saw, paint, tape measure, pencil, hanging bracket, and hammer. Of course, you can buy embellishments, moldings, blocks and lattice pieces for additional decorations.
  4. Sand the wood using the sandpaper. Make sure that it is smooth and free from uneven surfaces, which can cause woodcut. Throw away the excess wood removed.
  5. There are many ways to make the frame. In this procedure, you will aim for the most basic and common design. It is a regular frame that has even sized sides. To do this, position the mirror in the middle of the plywood and use adhesive to firmly attach the mirror to the wood.
  6. Add the embellishments in the frame. You can use a sculptor’s knife to sculpt and carve designs in the frame. You can put rosettes or ribbon type molds all over the perimeter of the frame, or you can just put designs at the four corners.
  7. An additional final frame can be added. This should be darker, as it acts as an enclosure of the mirror. Similar to the first frame, you just have to glue it at the back. Note that this is just optional. The first frame is already good as it is.
  8. Let all of it settle for 24 hours. You must check if all that was glued together is held in place. A good clamp can be used to make sure that the frame, mirror and embellishments are attached together.
  9. Put tape at the mirror edges to prevent paint from spilling on the mirror.
  10. Paint the frame using a primer or first coating. Allow for drying, and after this you can paint using your preferred color.
  11. To hang the mirror on a wall, get a thick metal chain and screw it at opposite sides.


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