How To Make Your Own Shelves Above a Window

Space is one of the biggest issues that urban dwellers have to face. As more and more people migrate to the city, real estate becomes smaller and more expensive. To make the most for your expensive loft, apartment, or own home, transform the vacant space on top of your window and turn these into shelves. This will give you plenty of room for you to display your photographs or store your books, as well as small appliances that are rarely used.

  1. Cleaning. Start by cleaning the area where you will build your shelves. It is not unusual for cobwebs, lint, and dirt to accumulate in these hard to reach areas. Take a duster to remove the dust, and use a cloth that has been slightly dampened with soapy water if there is persistent dirt and stains in the area.
  2. Mark. Next, mark the area for where you will place the bracket. The brackets will act as the primary support for the shelves. Make sure that you have measured the bracket beforehand, since brackets come with specific holes. The holes should be calibrated on the wall, so that you will know where to drill. Make sure that there is enough space between the ceiling and the top of the window so that you can close and open the window normally.
  3. Add the brackets. Next, add the brackets by using drills and drill bits to create holes in the areas which you have marked. Once the holes are made, you can attach the brackets and use screws to keep the brackets in place. Use screw fasteners to keep the screws secured and to keep the brackets stable between the screw head and the wall. Be sure that the long side of the bracket is near the window, while the short end of the bracket is left on top and vacant. This is where you will attach the shelves.
  4. Add the shelf. Take a piece of wood board and cut it to the size that you want. You can side boards to keep objects from falling off the side of the board. In this case, be sure to add the side boards even before you attach the shelf to the wall, since it will be more difficult to screw or nail the sideboards when the base of the shelf is already in place. To attach the shelf, use a drill bit to add holes on the shelf in relation to the brackets. This should allow you to screw the shelf onto the bracket. Apart from the primary screws and bolts, also make sure that the pilot screws are in place.

For the finishing touches, paint the shelf with the same color as the wall or the other cabinets and shelves in the room. Afterwards, you can add books, trinkets, photographs, or small appliances on the shelf. With a shelf built on top of the widow, you get optimal space usage in the house. Even better, the project is very easy to do and inexpensive as well.


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