How To Make Your Own Spa Cover

Few things are as luxurious as having your very own spa or Jacuzzi. You can sip wine while sitting in your tub filled with bubbly jets of warm water that gently massage your entire body. During fall and winter, however, you need to make sure that the Jacuzzi is covered so that you can prevent the water from being soiled with leaves and dust. Here’s how you can make a spa cover from scratch.

  • Measure. First of all, you need to measure the dimensions of your tub, so that you know exactly how much covering material you will need. There are various types of tubs, some of which are larger than others. There are some tubs that are shaped like squares or in rectangles. There are also some tubs that are oblong or circular in shape. Make sure that you measure these so that you know how large the cover should be. Also add three inches of extra length on all sides, so that your spa cover can fully cover the entire tub.
  • Insulation. After you have made the measurements, go to your local hardware shop and purchase the insulation. Insulating your spa is especially important during winter. When the water in your Jacuzzi freezes, it can be very difficult to thaw and the expansion of the water can cause cracks in the tub itself. Then, you need to purchase foam that has a density of around two pounds. If you live in areas where the climate and winters are milder, one pound density foam may suffice.
  • Cut. Unroll the insulation sheets on the floor and use a marker to draw the outline of the Jacuzzi, as you have measured in step one. Make sure that you add the three inches on all sides. After measuring the insulating and marking it, take a large garden scissor and use it to cut the insulation sheets into size. The two pound insulation foam can be very difficult to cut. If necessary, use a box cutter.
  • Cover. After you have finished cutting the insulation sheets, you need to create a cover for the insulation sheets. The cover will not only keep the insulation sheets from getting wet, which could make the sheets, very heavy, but will also add decoration for your Jacuzzi. After all, seeing a dull gray sheet covering your Jacuzzi is not exactly pleasing to the eyes. Cut the cover from a fabric with a pretty design, and use glue to attach the cover to the insulation sheet.
  • Strap. After the glue has dried, you can stitch on some straps onto the sides of the spa cover. Use the straps to tie down the spa cover on top of the Jacuzzi. If there are no hinges where you can attach the straps of the spa cover to, you can buy fasteners from a hardware shop, and glue these onto the sides of the Jacuzzi. This will give you something to attach your spa cover to.

Although the spa cover is most important during fall and winter, you should still use it to cover your Jacuzzi whenever you leave your Jacuzzi unused for prolonged periods of time. This will ensure that dirt and dust does not get into your tub.


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