How To Make Your Own Tie Rack

For professionals, a tie is a necessary part of the wardrobe. As you update your wardrobe, your tie collection may become pretty large. Instead of haphazardly placing your tie around your jackets and suits or in the coat rack, create your own tie rack that is specially designed for your ties. Here’s how.

  1. Prepare the wood. You will need a piece of wood that is at least four inches in width and around three inches in thickness. The length of the wood will vary, depending on the number of ties that you will place in the rack. Usually, however, it will range anywhere from a foot in length up to twenty inches. For a very large number of ties, you may opt for tie racks that are two feet in length. Take sand paper and use it to soften the edges of the wood, which should not have any snags that can catch on the tie fabric.
  2. Mark the peg holes. Next, take pencil and use it to identify the locations for the peg holes, which should have intervals of an inch and a half. This means that seven peg holes should fit comfortably in a tie rack that is a foot in length, on each side of the length of the tie rack.
  3. Drill the peg holes. Next, take a drill bit and use it to drill the actual peg holes. The quarter inch drill bit will work for creating holes for the tie rack. The depth of the holes for the pegs should be half an inch in length, which can be calibrated in the drill bit.
  4. Cut the pegs. Next, create your own pegs that will be used to hold the ties. These will be made from a piece of wood dowel that has been cut into three inch pieces. Make sure that the dowel’s end pieces will fit into the holes. If not, you will need to pare the ends so that these will fit into the holes. Usually, however, dowels can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  5. Glue the pegs. To attach the actual pegs into the holes, you will need to apply wood glue on the pegs. Hold the pegs for a few seconds to allow the glue to take effect, and then allow the pegs to dry for a few minutes, depending on the type of glue that you are using.
  6. Stain the rack. If you plan on decorating your tie rack with varnish, you can now apply the varnish. Apply a light stain on the tie rack first, to bring out the color and the grain of the wood, and when the stain has dried, apply a coat of varnish to protect the wood.
  7. Attach the hooks. Finally, place a single coat hook on the top of the tie rack.

Through these steps you can create your own tie rack from scratch. Not only is the tie rack an easy home project, it will also save you major dollars from purchasing pre-made tie racks in the department store.


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