How To Make Your Own Tomato Cages on a Budget

A tomato cage is something that you can place on your tomato garden in order to guide the growth of the tomatoes and to allow them to get the sun and air that they need. You will be able to harvest plumber and juicier tomatoes with the use of a tomato cage. Making a tomato cage is easy. All you need are a few materials. The good thing about this is that the materials are really cheap. Find out how to make your own tomato cages on a budget by reading the instructions below.

  • Materials to prepare. Go to your local hardware or gardening store and purchase green garden twine and poly coated wire mesh for fencing. You also need work gloves, wire cutters and pliers.
  • Measurements. Wear your work gloves before you start working on the tomato cage since the edges of the fencing can be sharp when cut. Determine the size that you want for your tomato cage. Take into consideration the space that the plant needs in order to fully grow. You also need to determine the height of the tomato cage. The tomato cage will be circular in shape. It is ideal to have about 14 inches in diameter. Use your wire cutters to cut the measurement from the wire mesh fencing.
  • Cut the cage base. Choose the side of the wire mesh that will be the bottom of the tomato cage. Cut out the bottom wire so that you can end up with some wires protruding. These wires will be the stand of your tomato cage so that you can just insert the cage easily on the ground by pushing it down.
  • Bend the wire mesh. Use the pliers to bend the wire mesh so that you can form a circular shape. This will make it easier for you to tie the end lengths of the wire mesh together later on.
  • Secure the wire mesh. Use the garden twine to secure the ends of the wire mesh together. When you do this, make sure to leave a gap of about 4 inches in between the ends of the wire mesh.
  • Install the tomato cage. Now you are ready to install the tomato cage in place. If your tomato is just a seedling, this should be easy since you only have to anchor the cage around the plant. If your plant has already grown a bit, be careful with the installation so that you won’t damage your plant. Push the bottom end into the soil until it is secure. You can guide the stem around the wires to aid the plant to grow upwards.

These are the easy steps that you can follow in making a tomato cage. The materials that you use are really cheap and you will only spend a few dollars for making plenty of tomato cages. You can also use these cages for growing plants, flowers and orchids. It is better to make your own tomato cage to customize the shape and height that you want.


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