How To Measure a Recliner for a Slipcover

Need a quick fix for that beat up old piece of furniture? A slipcover is the trick. Slipcovers are pieces of fabric with stitched in garters or hidden elastics that fit snuggly over the frame of the furniture and can come in separate pieces for the cushions, footrests and headrests. Slipcovers are usually used to cover those nasty spills and stains on the furniture, or to extend the life span of your furniture by protecting it from further damage.

For instant improvements to any room, slipcovers are exceptionally useful. You can color coordinate several different pieces of furniture and create a more unified and solid look to any room you’d like to makeover. These handy-dandy add-ons to your furniture are available at any department store and can be bought in one piece, two piece, and even three separate piece sets. But if you’d like to save on a few bucks by making your own or at tailor slipcovers that are a size too big, here’s how to measure your recliner for a slipcover:

  • Things you need. Prepare the following: a piece of paper, pen and measuring tape.
  • Measure the circumference of the recliner. Make sure that the recliner is in the upright position. Starting from just above the arm rests, take the measuring tape and wrap it all around the recliner. Try not to tighten your grip on the measuring tape or squeeze the cushions together. The recliner’s cushions must be taut.
  • Measure the height. Get the height of the recliner by taking the tape and measuring from the bottom of the recliner up to the head rest.
  • Measure the width. To obtain the width, start from the outer edge of the right arm rest and extend the measuring tape to the outer edge of the left arm rest.
  • Measure the length. Recline the chair and extend the footrest. Starting from the top of the headrest, just at the back, extend the measuring tape to the edge of the footrest.

When taking the following measurements, remember to align the measuring tape to the surfaces of the recliner and not to stretch the tape measure from point A to B and end up with a very misshapen slipcover. Having the correct measurements is essential to finding and buying a slipcover that would fit your recliner perfectly.

Sometimes, you would only need the height measurement of the recliner to buy a suitable slipcover from the department store but other brands may require all of the measurements. Have fun and select bold colors and prints for your great recliner make over!

Make sure that you buy slipcovers that are durable so that even if you hand wash them or throw them in the washing machine, they will still come out whole and in good condition. Choose material with a slight stretch, just in case the material slightly shrinks in the dryer.

Now that you have a colorful set of slipcovers, fitting for any occasion, you can now relax, put your feet up and recline. Sweet!


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